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Thread: [ APPLE ] Jailbreaking is for Drug Dealers, Mightily Slays Networks

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    Quote Originally Posted by sziklassy View Post
    I will add though, so many people are saying they wouldnt own an iPhone if it wasn't for jailbreak. You need to think like the company does... Appstore Sales are the profit now, not the iphone hardware sales. Apple is trying to secure the app market so that they get a cut for every app that sells. The majority of people who own the iPhone still just keep it stock. That means if all of us jailbreakers stopped using the phone, but they were able to secure the apps market, they still win. Well, sort of. The question is, if you shut down the jailbreaking, will people then resort to buying MORE from the appstore? Currently cydiastore apps are those that we cannot find in the appstore anyway...
    I'm defiantly going to have to disagree with that..

    I don't know how much profit Apple makes per iPhone, but lets say $100 outta $700..

    Most iPhone Users I know, spend a total of $20 in the app store. Apple gets 30% of that $20, so they get $6 per iPhone User assuming they only spend $20 in the App Store.

    Lets shoot high, and say someone is bored, and decides to dump $200 in the app store. Apple gets a 30% cut, netting them $60.

    So, in the end, its more profitable to sell the devices than sell the Apps. Of course, they could leave it the way it is, and still make a healthy profit. even if they stop jailbreaking, most of the stuff people download thru Cydia isn't on the AppStore (WinterBoard, Bossprefs, SBSettings..)


    They can make jailbreaking illegal, but they can't realistically (and cost effectively) enforce it.

    So then, it moves along side piracy. While illegal, its hard to get caught.

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    At the same time, you can only buy an iPhone once as opposed to the Appstore where new stuff is released and sold by many of these users daily...

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    Default Its the same as our national government....
    I received an email tonight saying that if I were to receive a []
    square figure in a txt msg on my iphone (3gs), "DO NOT OPEN IT!!! IT CONTAINS A VIRUS! AND WILL STEAL ALL YOUR INFORMATION AND WIPE YOUR PHONE!" Soon after My father recieved a txt on his Blackberry!

    REally?! I mean I know its open source, but arent we beyond all that **** as hackers? I think were all realizing we can make some dough rather than waste it on stealing or fu*%ing with some unfortunate goon...I say apple.....put your little dogs away who are starting that rumor to get the courts to pass your BS about already make the best technology (or at least release the most streamline) sit back and enjoy your success and customer service and let us "techies" play with our toys! Stop spreading rumors like our own Government does via the media and mass network spamming......

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    "robbpell Posts: 228
    this is absurd i know lots of drug dealers and not all of them jailbreak there iphones hahaha jj"


    lol how do U kno so many dealers eh?

    Anyway , We drug people unlock our phones with "whitesn0w" and play iMob all day

    Of course this is a lie and I don't deal or do drugs
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    if it wasnt for the fact i had an iPod touch and jailbroke it, then jailbroke my mates iPhone, and am now able to have all sorts of themes, wallpaper, as many rows as i want etc etc etc, i would never have bought an iphone myself. but hey I`m a drugdealer, thanks apple!

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    Drug dealers should buy a "sciphone" off ebay. ;D you can put two sim cards in it and toggle between the two seperate accounts. One "GO" (throw away) account and the account you call your mom on.
    This is getting a lil' ridiculous...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JerseyScottie View Post
    hmm i have a jailbroken phone, i think im gonna go take down a cell tower now
    i just took it down 5 mins ago and it burns like hell
    (looks like post #1 )


    Quote Originally Posted by PaperCross
    Hope they were being sarcastic about this bit :
    "Threat Level had no idea the iPhone was so dangerous. Were gratified that Apple locked down this potential weapon of mass disruption before hackers could unleash cybarmageddon. This also explains why Apple rejected the official Google Voice App for the iPhone this week. We thought it was because Google Voice posed a threat to AT&Ts exclusivity deal with Apple. Now we know it threatened national security."
    also hoping this was sarcasm, but i don't think so...

    cheers phk
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    The bottom line is that until we create a mobile OS for the iphone independent of Apple, it ain't gonna change anytime in the future.

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    i look at it this way
    if i buy an ipod touch or iphone
    its my money i choose what the hell to do with it

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    i look at it this way
    if i buy an ipod touch or iphone
    its my money i choose what the hell to do with it


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    HAHAHAHAHAHA WOW!!!!! Jailbreaking is for drug dealers!!!! THATS GREAT!! I laughed hard after that one. I knew apple hated jailbreaking I didn't know they were despereate enough to claim that jailbreaking is for drug dealers. All they want is money and apple was started by hackers cant they give us a little slack???

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    Default Drug dealers and iphone
    I don't think Drug Dealers are smart enough to Jailbreak their iphone... They don't know UNIX. If they do, they won't deal drugs anymore... YOU GUYS ARE FUNNY! HA, HA!! More POWER TO THE JAILBREAKERS who by the WAY are the SMART PEOPLE...

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    I just called the police and turned myself in, not because of I jailbroken my iPhone, because I "think" I am a drug dealer. LOL

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    Apple is forgetting the past here! Steve Jobs was a hacker to start with!
    Search Google for "Custom Firmware 3.1.2" if you don't have a Mac and are using Windows!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eurisko View Post
    Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Everyone loves to pick on big bad Apple, without whom the iPhone would not exist.
    That doesn't give them the right to tie us on a leash and tell us what we can and cannot eat. Also technically, they didn't feed us. They made the food bowl, we bought the food bowl from them, and they're trying to give us the food only THEY want to give us, and if we try to put different food in our food bowl from somewhere else, they tug harder on the leash. Even though we bought both the food AND the food bowl to begin with. If Apple gave me an iPhone, apps, and unlimited phone service all for FREE, then your post would actually make some sense. If I bought just the food bowl itself from Apple, what right do they have to tell me what food I can or cannot put in it?

    I assume you've never jailbroken before?
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    What's Jailbreak?
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    "this would be desireable to drug dealers" haha wait mass murders want to change their number too!!! so lets tell apple to change their statement to 'this would be desireable to drug dealers and mass murders"

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    I just sold some drugs because there's an app for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coloradoxmfan View Post
    I just sold some drugs because there's an app for that.
    Was just about to make a similar joke.

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Is Apple seriously that stupid that they did not realize that their restrictions CAUSED people to Jailbreak the iPhone/iPod Touch. If the iPhone came with basic utilities (Terminal, GNU core utils, SSH server) and the kernel did not require code signing, then I would not have Jailbroken it. But because they decided to lock it down, I Jailbroke it. I have a question for Apple: "If hacking the baseband to crash a tower is really that easy, why hasn't it happened yet?" Apple is full of FUD. They really think that making it illegal will stop drug dealers. Is a drug dealer going to be afraid of Jailbreaking a phone, if it is illegal to do so.

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Jailbreak 4 Life!

    Apple can't do crap about jailbreaking...and their threats don't bother anyone either.

    Just give up on all this bogus Apple...

    Even if you aren't reading this...

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