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Thread: Google Voice applications pulled from the App Store.

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    It truly is awesome

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    ill pay someone if they send me an invite to google voice haha pm me we can work something out

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    Well, @seankovacs is possibly considering posting his an updated version of GV Mobile to Cydia (from what his last few tweets seem to hint at) or maybe integrate it with another app (it combined with siphon or SIAX with pushable SMS would be complete awesomeness, IMO).

    Who knows, maybe we'll continue to see GV apps in the JB-ed community after all.
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    Why are people upset with ATT? What makes you think this has anything to do with ATT at all?

    And my bet is this will probably be natively added to the iPhone OS very shortly. I don;t really see a reason they wouldn't want to add it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 7lowe View Post
    US Cellular and gets free incoming calls and texts
    I only found out the other day that you guys pay for incoming texts - you're not saying you actually have to pay for incoming calls as well?
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    I went to buy these yesterday and the time it took me to read a few reviews to decide I wanted it, it got removed. I hope the developer creates a jailbroken version for cydia store.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mareshalu View Post
    Another reason to cancel my crap with att. Screw you Apple if you do this kinda sh!t and accept att's bull.
    Indeed, all these problems lately with AT&T and such just to use a phone is starting to not become worth the headache of actually having the phone. Yeah, it's an awesome device but I am paying 135$/month for a device that I could be paying less for similar functionality with someone else. Then there's all these apps that get approved then disapproved, or one's that are good, don't get the approval but yet an app of someone shaking the phone to kill a baby actually makes it through... Something's going on and I don't like the sound of it. There's a storm brewing in California...

    --EDIT: After just checking my account (because I wanted to get an "add-a-line" quote for my girlfriend), I did just notice that AT&T is finally honoring my university's 15% AT&T discount even though I have an iPhone. When I first changed to my iPhone in February from a RAZR, they were not honoring it, so at least that's a +1.
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    this is the sweetest hack and it makes google voice usable. this was the problem i was having with google voice, i thought it was unreasonable to have to answer the call and it took a few seconds for the call to come in. this is amazing! so worth getting the 406 numbers, i was wondering about those coming in!

    Quote Originally Posted by Happy Noodle Boy View Post

    1. This one is obvious, but you can access GV from your phone through Safari and get the mobile version. Let's you read text messages and transcribed voice mails, send text messages, and start calls. It's a bit clunky and not-really-optimized-for-the-iPhone, but it gets the job done.

    2. Google Voice has a surprising amount of customization. Be sure to check the advance options under each registered phones for more things. For example, you can set a particular phone (office for example) to only receive Google Voice calls only during the week from 9-5. Inversely, you can set your home phone to only get GV calls during the weekend. You can also disable receiving SMS on a phone if you want to handle GV text messages only through an app/webpage and not take a hit on your actual phone plan's messaging. However, before you go this route, try the next tip.

    3. This one is really cool. Even with a fancy app, you still need to answer the call GV makes to you, and then the other line starts ringing, but there's an awesome shortcut for this. Get a friend to text you from his phone (to your GV number, duh). GV will diligently forward that message to your actual phone. This message will arrive from a 406 area code number. That number is unique to the person that sent you the text message!

    So by saving and calling back that particular number from a phone you have registered under GV, you're basically telling Google "Hey, this is me. Patch me to X person, please" and skip the entire need of having to start the call through an application. Your friend will receive a call from your GV number without you actually using GV.

    It is a bit of a hassle to get all your friends to text your GV the first one, then saving all the 406 numbers, but once you have it saved it's awesome time-saver.

    If you can't tell I've been using this service for years now ever since it was GrandCentral :P

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    This is for the T-Mobile users. I've been using GV mobile on my iphone (3G unlocked and jailbroken) for quite some time. I have the T-mobile Myfaves plan and I simply added my GV mobile number as one of my faves. I then instructed GV Mobile to display My Gv # when I make a call ( As google voice calls you from your number anyway to connect you to the number you're calling). Thus, from my GV app, I can make free calls to my friends.

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    This is total crap.
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    It likely is ATT because it is causing people (myself included) to cancel their SMS plan. Think about how much stupid money they make from text messages! $15 a month average from millions of users. The GV app makes it easy to disable text messages. Plus with an app you could eventually add push notification and that would REALLY remove the need to pay ATT for text messages.

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    In america you pay for incoming texts AND incoming calls? Can someone please answer this.
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    meh... all that means is i dl from cydia instead of app store.

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    Looks like Sean will be releasing it to Cydia later today. Keep an eye out for it. FREE. But he has a donation link on his web page. If you like the app, please support it!

    Sean Kovacs GV Mobile

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    GV Mobile Available for Free on Cydia
    here the link

    GV Mobile Available for Free on Cydia - Google Voice - Lifehacker

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    Wow, you guys are quick. I was just about to post the Cydia links too. Haha
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    my greatest reason for using google voice is when i travel to canada on friday i can easily add a canadian number and give my family my local google calls back home

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    None of the above are links to the application in Cydia, or should I say, the hosting server. Does anyone have any idea where it is?

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    also being able to text canadian numbers for free is a BIG help...ATT charges at least 15 cents a text to canada

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    Maybe it's time for Google to start offering their apps in Cydia...
    Seems to me that might be an incentive for Apple to play nice.
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