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Thread: Lost iPhone Prototype Ends in Suicide

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    Lol it's almost like in the movies. Apple is an evil corporation that will do everything to protect a secret. Even kill someone! This wasn't a suicide!

    Teh conspiracy!!111

    Lol jk.

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    Be careful, I eat small chlidren.

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    This story to total BS. Sun's name is Korean, not Chinese. It's like asking every Chinese guy out there if they know karate.

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    "DigitalBeat" is the source? Seriously? LOL

    Not reported or picked up on by one major mainstream outlet?

    OK. Whatever.

    Therein lies the beauty of the internet. One is free to write, read, publish and believe anything they choose.

    I'm not saying it's not true. I'm simply saying there's not near enough real proof yet to satify my BS detector (which is pretty refined after 45+ years in this industry). If it's good enough for you guys, that's up to you.

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    feel sad for the family....and pity those corperations

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    Sounds too fishy.....16 prototypes with one person? Hmmmm...if it's true, it's sad but I remain a skeptic
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    Quote Originally Posted by jackNjill View Post
    This story to total BS. Sun's name is Korean, not Chinese. It's like asking every Chinese guy out there if they know karate.
    Sun is a Chinese name.

    Edit: Sources: I'm Chinese and my Chinese friend's last name is Sun.

    Edit2: Scratch that, he meant the rest of his name, not the surname. I misread. Sowwy.

    If this story is true, I feel terrible for him and his family and loved ones... though I agree this sounds really shaky.
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    Poor guy. I guess phones mean more than peoples lives now a days.

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    that really sucks

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackNjill View Post
    This story to total BS. Sun's name is Korean, not Chinese. It's like asking every Chinese guy out there if they know karate.
    yeah, because people have to stay in their country of origin in asia, no one's family would ever move to china...

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    Sun is Chinese, the father of modern China is Dr. Sun, Yat Sen, don't tell me he's Korean!

    I guess innocent until proven guilty doesn't apply, just be happy you live in the States. RIP Mr. Sun

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    Saw this on Macrumors earlier and some other places. I believe the article mentioned that the person had 16 because he was in charge of distributing them to the correct people.

    Sun Danyong, who was responsible for shipping prototypes to Apple,
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    Quote Originally Posted by cjgonzales1900 View Post
    I agree somewhat this story seems true but why give this guy 16 of them and not just 3 or less, why would he need 16 of them and what was his job at the company? If he was a major tester then i could see 16 of them but if he was just a tester 1 is good enough right? something doesnt seem right they are leaving something out of this story something important.
    You are right why did Foxconn send him 16 Future iPhones?

    If was a tester I will ask for one?not 16! LOL WTF!!

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    All over a phone? Really?

    Who gives a SH!T?

    I love my iPhone, but it's still just a piece of technology... It's nothing compared to a human life.

    This is such a sad story. My prayers go out to the family.

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    Apple confirms death of iPhone worker in China | Apple - CNET News

    I don't see anything fishy about the possibility of this story.

    According to the sources, the man worked at Foxconn. He received the prototypes directly from the assembly line AT FOXCONN...which he then was supposed to send them to the correct people. No doubt either to Apple in the U.S., or distribute them to some testers in the Foxconn company.

    What is so har to understand about that?

    This is a 4th generation iPhone, and next year's big product for Apple. Who knows what happened to the phone, how it disappeared, or whether or not Sun's death was a suicide or murder...either way, it is very sad.

    I personally believe, either it happened exactly as the story says...or worse, Sun very well could have illegally sold the phone to an Apple competitor, and they had him knocked off for fear of Foxconn discovering who he sold the phone to since the company was putting so much pressure on him and went as far as illegally investigating his home.

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    hope no one makes an app out of this.....
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    This world we live in is crazy today... I can hardly stand it anymore.... googled it and there is many links about this... how sad... and to be that afraid... and jump out of a window... I am sorry for his family...

    [ame=]apple death worker in china - Google Search[/ame]

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    His family should sue Foxconn. Although being a massive cooperation might not help.

    From Gizmodo:
    Labor protections in China are minimal, a situation not helped by spotty enforcement and insular company cultures—especially at a manufacturing juggernaut like Foxconn. The company has been dogged by allegations of poor working conditions over the years, such that hearing an employee may have been mistreated doesn't come as much of a surprise, save for the fact that the mistreatment was so severe that it killed him.
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