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Thread: InCase Power Slider vs Mophie Juice Pack Air [ GIVEAWAY INSIDE! ]

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    P- would love a Mophie Juice Pack Air, battery life is horrible on my 3g. Thanks.

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    P- I would love to have this case, 10/10 !

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    P- That looks nice.

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    P-I could really use this case and battery i just got a new 3G, and when i work all day my battery always dies because i use it all the time as an engineer and could really benefit from it.

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    P- these are awesome!!

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    Default i agree
    P- I had a mophie juice pack for a while and loved it. i then dropped it and it broke leaking the battery exposed although i have to say that it worked very well both as a battery and a case being that it did not show any visible damage to the phone after its fatal drop. man i wish i had another one

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    Default "P" is for PICK me Please!!!
    "P" is for PICK me Please!!!

    Dear modmyi,

    I think you guys should let me be the lucky winner of this awesome prize. I had a regular incase cover but my younger brother who is 24 still believes in take backs, and i got repo for it. Now my iphone feels so naked. Please modmyi, clothed and give my iPhone a boost of power.

    Acuratsx228 a.k.a. naked and drained iPhone user

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    P-i need this more than you would know.
    All information contained in my post came to me in a dream. I don't even own an iphone.
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    P- I have the Incase power slider and it really comes in handy. I love it!

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    Exclamation Woot

    Finally something clean and not so bulky but plenty of extra power. This goes well with anyone who uses backgrounder, pandora, and plays games all day

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    P- who doesnt want more battery life?

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    P-Both look great and id love to have either

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    I have the Mophie Juice pack air, and i love it. I have a friend that has the slider. They are both good cases in my opinion. I agree, the Mophie is hard to get off and on at first, but after i have taken mine on and off a few times, it now comes off easier in my opinion. What i had to do to get it off the first time was kinda wiggle and pull at the same time. For anyone planning on getting this case (Mophie Juice pack Air), I hope this helps you on your decision if you were wondering about taking your phone out of the case. The Micro USB cable also works really well. I went to Fry's and bought a dual charger cigarette lighter charger for like 10 bucks. That's what i use to charge my phone and case when i'm in my car. I don't think i could ask for a better product.

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    P- So, say I have a full charge on my phone and plug it in to the Incase Power Slider, does it still continue to try and charge my phone? Or does it keep the phone full for the 5 hours extra hours, then my phone's charge starts dropping?

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    P- Looks great
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    P- Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

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    P- Long time lurker wants to win!!!

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    P- In my whole opinion, im loving the morphie, I want this sooo badly , I am a hardcore iphone user and the battery dries out before im done using it, so this is perfect for when im bored, I dont care about the size it looks cool =D.

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    P- Of course I want one too.... InCase has always designed winning products, quality is truly above average....

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    Quote Originally Posted by s2kpdx View Post
    -P sweet, sign me up!
    lolfail. nice review BTw!

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