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Thread: InCase Power Slider vs Mophie Juice Pack Air [ GIVEAWAY INSIDE! ]

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    P- This is another great idea that has kept you guys one of the leaders in EVERYTHING iPHONE, I entertain with multiple diff. apps. and am always on the web doing something, at work and at home, this would be a fantastic product for my family, co-workers and of course, myself. MY Battery drains in about 4 hours of this, awesome product and would love to have one. Your call though!!!

    Thanks for the hard work!!

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    P- like the looks of the Incase but the little bit of bulkiness is unfortunate. Pretty good trade off though for the additional life.

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    P-Great case review i think the Incase looks way better than the other one. Making sure you charge the phone everyday or in my case a few times a day, kinda sucks.

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    P- Innovative!

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    P- I personally think these products are genius! I am a new iPhone 3G user, have had the iPhone 2G and the difference between battery life is very significant. In my opinion even though this item makes the phone bulky it protects and gives longer battery life which is a great combination.

    Would love to give it a run to see if its worth the money.

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    P- I would love to have this charger because just two weeks ago my phone battery ran out as i was using it to navigate through a national park and because i ran out of battery i lost my track and ended up having to drive for two hours untill i found some hikers that were able to call me a tow truck (yes i ran out of gas .... it wasnt the best day but this could help in the future. Thanks

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    Default P- Best phone case and charger ever
    P- Thank god someone made this because just a couple of days ago i was on a trip and was using navigation and the battery ran out. i hope i can get the money for this. thank you

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    P- With more power comes great

    I like the power slider for the look.

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    P- I want it!!!

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    P- This would be a great snag for me. I am a recent college grad and saving an extra 80 bucks on a great product like this would be ideal. Especially since the economy is so messed, and because I can't find a job right now. LOL

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    P - WOW these cases look AWESOME!!!

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    P- retty darn generous and cool of you guys. The 3G[s] battery is terrible count me in! =]

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    i would love one of these i could actually turn the brightness up so i can see things instead of worrying about battery life.

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    P- this looks like it can solve my problem of too many things plugged into the power oultets of my truck. My kid can also finally watch Elmo.

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    P- I think the most important feature that makes me wanna get the Air pack is that it has a switch to turn on/off the charge process which makes the battery not wasting it's energy like the old juice pack for iphone 2G. Anyway, they're all good products, they'll fit all our customer's needs.

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    P- It's a really cool case. I was thinking about getting one because my Invisible Shield is coming off.

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    P- this will make my life a little easier. would be able to make that late evening phone call without power cable attached to my phone.

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    Default More Power
    P- I could use a little more battery life on my phone but then again who couldn't.

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    P- You can never have enough power.

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    p- wud go great wid my new iphone 3gs

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