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Thread: InCase Power Slider vs Mophie Juice Pack Air [ GIVEAWAY INSIDE! ]

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    P- Neither of those cases look too bad.

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    P- I just got a Slingbox 3 days ago and have been watching TV on my iPhone. It drains the battery so fast. This would be awesome.

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    P- looks awesome!

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    P- Even though my iPhone 3GS would now look like I a book I'd still love to have the In Case because of the horrible battery drain I have. I fully charge it every night and by 3pm I normally have less than 10% left and thats with Push & 3G off.

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    P- It would save me from battery drain at work so I could goof off on my phone ALL THE TIME!!!

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    P- I like theMophie Juice Pack Air. I wrote a small rap. lol

    yo its paul wall here sick as ever
    on my iphone and get off it never

    got my iphone and needed to hack it
    download some apps now i need to crack it

    yo its phoff and im on my iphone
    download a file and now im ready to quickpwn
    go to ******** and get some free apps
    my iphone is my drug and ill probably relapse

    firmware 3.0 is out as planned
    dont want to upgrade my 3.9 baseband
    ********** is out to help the poor no need to buy your apps
    off the app store

    cant wait for 3.0 and all the features
    it will be more fresh than my jordan sneakers
    there will be so many new things like video recorder
    to bad for other countries they are out of the border.

    can i haz theMophie Juice Pack Air?

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    P- Oh to have better battery life, dare to dream!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you

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    P- I would like this case. Seems reliable and trustworthy. Too bad I dont even have a case. I was thinking of getting IS but its costly and messing up would suck. Well I hope I win. Best to all

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    P- got any for a 2G? Battery is crap!

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    p- i prefer the looks of the mophie. the power slider seems way too bulky.

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    P- Sure would beat having to carry around my cord/block with me everywhere. Nice review.

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    P- My 2g had a better battery life that my new 3gs.

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    P- I really dont need one but i would love to have it for long trips

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    P- Been meaning to buy one when I get the money damn recession But for real I wish Apple would finally get removable batteries then I wouldnt have to worry about battery life!!

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    P- Very cool. Not to bulky like I would imagine.

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    P- i could really use this on my weekend backpacking trips

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    P- This will be perfect for my 10 hour plane trip coming up. Thanks!

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    P- Wow this is a nicely crafted case.

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    P- Ive been dying to get one of these, either actually. Im on my iphone so much its not even funny.
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    P- Would love to get the incase but both sound good. Just wondering any heat issues with charging or long talk time.

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