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Thread: InCase Power Slider vs Mophie Juice Pack Air [ GIVEAWAY INSIDE! ]

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    P- I want one!

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    P - I Would Love To Win My First Lotto!!!

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    P- I have used the Mophie Juice Pack Air and my signal strength was HORRIBLE. Both at my house and work I have full signal strength with 3G coverage. While the Mophie was attached I had trouble holding onto 1-2 bars while on the E network. The phone would constantly drop calls.

    I cannot speak for the Incase battery pack as I have not owned one, but I would sure like to win this one and give it a try.

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    P- That is awesome! Would come in very handy when we take off on horses for the day. I get really nervous when my battery gets so low or runs out before we get back home. I also like that it makes the phone a bit larger. I realize most people don't like that part but for me it just makes it easier to hang onto. I have a hard time with how thin the new phones are.

    Very cool - thanks for the review!


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    P - It's running down my leg......

    Would love one of these. Have been toying with buying one for a few weeks now.

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    P- Wow this is actually pretty well done. I would love one of these!
    Who needs "stock" anyways?

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    P-retty awesome!

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    P- I need a battery pack bad between 24/7 smsing, email, games, and call my battery needs to be charged every few hours

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    Default Please
    P- After experiencing lousy batt. life with 3.0 and a rollback to 2.2.1 this would be the perfect companion to my iPhone. WOW I come back from tour and BAM a sweet giveaway. Even if I'm not chosen...nice thread guys!!!

    Good luck to all

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    P- Is the 16th letter in the alphabet and the blue led battery indicators on the Power Slide is not. However, that feature is saweeeeeeet and I would like to have win ROAR!

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    P- They both look Pretty nice and to have that extra battery life is pretty sweet. I do have a question. If you didn't want it on all the time, could you just attach it when the battery starts to get low?

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    These are both nice devices!

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    P- I would love either of those cases. I have to charge my iPhone about 3/4 of the way through my day because I use it so much. This would be a tremendous addition for me.

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    P- The incase power slider seems to be a better product from what ive read...
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    P-I've been trying to find one of these for quite sometime for my 2g. But I would get a 3g if I won one of these babies!

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    P- I sure would love one of these cases. Due to My kids are playing with it all the time. So I need protection and extra battery life. Thanks
    Sith Scorpius

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    P- I have the incase and love it. However, it is true that it affects your power signal, therefore, it's not a good option if you are in an area that has poor service. I think the extra battery sits over the antenna of the iphone.

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    P- I'm really interested in this.

    Would love to try it out.

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    P- I have looked at these at Apple in the past couple week's I was on my way to get the Incase one, (love the incase stuff, Have the other cases for my 2G, and my 3G) and my wallet was stolen... So as soon as I can get all this figured out.. I will be on my way back to get one!

    Very nice product, and very useful.. It would be cool if they made one for the 2G's... I still like my 2G, and use it as a back-up when I go hiking, or on bike rides... rather that die, then the new 3G.. I like the fact of how the case is put together with the phone in it, as well as it hides the finger prints.. I have the anti-glare LCD covers on my phone... and I think its a great combo as far as looks, usefulness, saving your phone from falls... There were a lot of reasons why i wanted to get this.. and you hit them all!! The charge on my phone does not work as long as listed by Apple.. I use my phone.. for mail, and text.. and internet... Wi-Fi... it is always losing it's charge faster then what I think it should... This will take care of that... Very very happy.

    I am not picky... beggars can't be choosers.. Thanks modmyi and to all companys and friends at modmyi! You have made my days better!
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    P- looks cool

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