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Thread: InCase Power Slider vs Mophie Juice Pack Air [ GIVEAWAY INSIDE! ]

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    P- The case looks pimp!

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    P- :]

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    P - Two great cases with extra power.

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    P- This case would help me out tremendously. I say that due to the fact that I currently have no job - I served in the US Navy as a Electronics Technician, I received an Honorable discharge, came home last September - been looking for a job - Haven't found one. I use my dad's computer when he is not playing WoW on it, so I am able to fill out job applications at night into the early morning, after that I have wait until night fall, then do it all over again.

    I normally keep my iPhone plugged in and fill out job apps through it sitting in my room or when I go out with friends I use my car charger in their car to do job apps. On Safari in 3G I have about 3 1/2 hours of time, thats not enough time in my opinion... if the case could double that for me... Totally worth it!

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    P- Wow, this case looks awesome! My phone's battery life is quite terrible. About half a day the rate I use it
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    P- I'd buy that for a dollar... ;-)

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    P- I would love me one of those cases too. I had the Incase Slider before and it protected my old 2G from a couple good falls onto asphalt (good) but half the reason it fell in the first place both times was because of how slippery the case was in your hand (bad). If the Power Slider has a grippier feel to it (the reason why I switched to the SwitchEasy Rebel) then I might get one eventually, if I don't win it here.
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    P- I would really love to have one of these, especially for FREE !

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    nice but looks very bulky...

    too bad...not an US citizen....

    when will it be for non US citizen???
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    P- pretty neat case. If you need your iPhone whole day and use it hard or GPS this is a must have.

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    P- I neeeeeeeed this case its just amazing!

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    P- I'd love a charger case, but I like to let my battery run out fully before charging again, so I wish the incase had an off switch. The other thing is that I have a better protective case, so I guess I could only use the incase as an actual backup charger for when the phone is dead. I have an external battery pack but it's a pain to carry around.

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    P- very nice! can't wait to find out!
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    p- I would like the incase power slider because then I could go a fully day of use watching videos on transit and being able to text and chat as leaving push on my battery gets to 20% have way through the day.


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    Talking Nice Power Cases
    P- Iwould love to have either one of those need extra backup battery would always be helpful

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    P-This would help me out big time as I'm ALWAYS charging my 3G!

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    P- P- Pleasse... (Okay that was a horrible roger rabbit imitation.)

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    P- Funny, I just saw the InCase yesterday at my local mall...couldn't believe there was a whole kiosk selling all thier to see the unit with the phone and have to say I liked it way better than the Mophie and the fact that since it wasn't shiny it didn't leave the smudges that the Mophie would show...soon as the money is freed up i'm gonna have to pick up the InCase Powerslider...unless of course I win this one!

    thanks Modmyi!

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    Good fair review of both products, I need one either way so thanks for the pics and review !
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    P- I would like the incase power slider, I like all their products.

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