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Thread: InCase Power Slider vs Mophie Juice Pack Air [ GIVEAWAY INSIDE! ]

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    Looks pretty cool, and the extra battery life would be great!
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    Default P-
    P- To be honest i will never use this but my mom alwasy want more battery life this would be a great gift for her she will love it.
    if i dont get it its ok thanks for reading my comment :-)

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    P- I like that it is not sleek. It has a texture to it!

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    P- Even thought both cases are very bulky and make the iPhone look like a piece of brick, but it's worth putting it on because the extended battery life is very useful if you tend to use your phone a lot the whole day.

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    P-lease let me win this time.

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    P- I loved the normal incase slider, the feel is awesome, so I would also love to get my hands on an incase power slider! Pick me! Pick me!

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    P- The power slider doesnt even look like its on the phone, looks pretty legit and is a great idea especially when i go to college the whole day and my battery is always close to dying!.

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    P- Awesome give away! I saw this are Target and I was gonna get one!

    Good luck to everyone who entered! =)

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    P- my mom just got an iphone 3G and could really use this heres hoping for my mom

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    P- I would love to have anyone of those chargers.

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    P- I love the look of these and it would definitely help me out a bunch, keeping my battery alive when I need it the most.

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    P- very cool looking case with power. huge improvement on the old clunker cases that had batteries!
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    P- Me need!

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    P- It is written. Oh come on...please!

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    P- Looks too big, but I guess you can't have everything.

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    P- is for perfect!! Pick me!

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    P- got the incase power slider after checking all available resources. read all reviews/ you tube videos that were imediatelly available. i agree with poetics review finality. very smooth sexy feel, holds nice. no finger prints, snug tight secure fit, slips in and out of pocket easliy, bulkier but easy to get used to. in edge networks youll definetly see a few bars drop with case on vs off. (ive even seen it go to 3G after taking case off) not a deal breaker though as its intermitent and easy to slip off if necessary. feel free to purchase the incase power slider or hopefully win here. as it is truelly a work of art compared to other battery/hardcases available on the market.

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    P- I want one too!!!

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    omg thats a thick case! id never buy it and i dont want it for free either! (only ships to US right?)
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    P- not a beleiver yet on these power packs. be nice to try one up close.

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