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Thread: InCase Power Slider vs Mophie Juice Pack Air [ GIVEAWAY INSIDE! ]

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    P- both of these case looks nice would like to have either one of them

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    The Incase Power Slider is also sold for the same price at Target. Tempting, but spendy.

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    this looks really cool.


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    P- I'll donate the $80. ;-)

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    P- they both are nice ill take anyone

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    P- a little bulky, but more battery life, the better!

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    I don't post much but, I really like this! Something like these cases really set the iPhone apart from any other devices! I hope I win one!

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    P- I could really use this on my LONG bikerides at the beach! My 3G[s] battery dies very quickly, and this could be the key!!

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    P- I'd have to take the morphie air myself- it's just thinner!

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    "P-" i would love some more power.

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    Default Nice!
    P- I would love to have one of these! The one thing I notice about the 3GS is that its battery life isn't as good as I had hoped.

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    P-glad they made a small case instead of the huge one they had before

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    Smile Woah!
    P - whats up with the P? what's P stand for...oh well sounds awesome i actually planned on perhaps investing into the mophie but its not in my frugal price range. Fortunately for Dr. iPhone II, I ended up splashing my money again to get iPhone 3G S just 5 months after getting 3G.

    Anyways I feel that Dr. iPhone II would love to have this case as a companion for when i'm IMing far away from my charger:P Yahoo IM drains so quickly.

    P.S. - Good luck to all!

    P.S.S - Oh yeah good luck to me!

    P.S. the Third - Sorry for the random font stuff I got carried away *^_^*

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    P- im sure if i could describe the awesomeness of this case it would resemble the affect of a unicorn spitting in my mouth, pure awesomeness minus the lukewarm liquid of a fictional =D

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    P- Seeing as i listen to my phone all day long i would love to have to a charger half way thru the day

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    P- I think I need one, i have to charge it in office for rest of afternoon.

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    p-i would like the incase power slider because ur so sexy :]
    also because my iphone 3g eats my battery life T.T

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    P- This is awesome, since i dont currently have case, i hope i win and get something out of it. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!
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    P - This case would be especially useful to those of us who have upgraded to wireless BT a2dp streaming via the 3.0 OS update. Right now I'm having to lug around my charger and an extra long usb cable extension to keep my phone within range and w/o it my headphones outlast my iPhone's battery by 10+ hrs while the iPhone unconnected to the wall alone will last like 1.5 hrs on BT streaming! Damn the tradeoff of battery power to having no wires!

    edit: I should specify my stereo headset is the Jabra BT8030, albeit a bit bulky but easily the best battery on any BT headphones I've ever owned! Please pick me for the win!!
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