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Thread: InCase Power Slider vs Mophie Juice Pack Air [ GIVEAWAY INSIDE! ]

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    P- If i want to double up the grip of my iphone in any way, it would surely be with the InCase Power Slider. I already have a case and its pretty 'darn bulky' as well, but it doesn't extend my batteries' life in any way. So this is a MUST WIN case...

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    P- pretty cool case.

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    P- I want it, it may make the phone a bit bigger but it's worth it so that I wont have to charge in the afternoon!

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    P- My comments are unbiased due to having owned both in the past. The Incase Power Slider is true in quality to it's smaller Slider cases. Engineering and production isn't done cheaply like alot of other cases. Not having the on/off switch like the Mophie Juice Pack Air isn't a big deal as you wanted a batter pack in the first place. So you should really think about that. It is bigger than the Mophie but I felt more confident in hand. Spec wise this battery is 1330mAh and that's a little bit more than the Mophie's 1200mAh. I had to look this up.

    The Mophie Juice Pack Air gets a fair review from me as well. Some people like a glossy finish but it comes at the price of fingerprints. Knowing this I picked up a white one so it would be less noticable. As far as the top cap, it is easy to take off but nobody but myself seems to have figured it out. You take your fingernail and do one side at a time. Pull up from the camera hole then the switch (Silent/Volume)hole or vise versa. This prevents the common snapping of the end cap. It is smaller than the Incase which is why I wanted to give it a shot. In the OP's post the Mophie doesn't have a mini USB connection but it is a micro USB connection. As far as the curved area next to the logo by the home button, I don't know why people bash that so much. It seems like no one but myself acknowledges the purpose. People think that it doesn't look "finished" but in reality those are there to give access to the speaker/microphone. That is a strong, strong part on why I liked this case. When watching a video/youtube I would usually cup my hand on the side to reflect the sound because it would always escape straight out the side. The case deflects the sound towards me and that's one less thing I have to do.

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    P- I could always use more juice!

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    P- Perfect battery case for my perfect iPhone. Im almost all day at the university and my battery usually dies before i get home so I would really appreciate this.

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    P- I've looked into both and love the looks of the Incase and definately plan to pick one up within the next few weeks. My 3GS does have a lot better battery life but with the pack I might be able to make a WHOLE day without a charge :'-) tears of joy
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    P- I wouldnt mind getting the Mophie's Juice Pack. Like everyone else on 3.0 I could use the extended battery life.

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    P- InCase for me

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    P- I noticed both these chargers when I went to purchase the iPhone 3g s @ the Apple Store. Personaly I would like the Air one just because its more slimmer and its not bulky in my pocket. I wish it would have a belt clip or some kind of clip on it.

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    P - would love a slider to extend my battery life.....I's a heavy data user...

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    P- would definitely love to pick one of these up! pick meeeeeeeeee and youll be awesome for-eve-r.

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    P- I always need a battery backup case. I hope I win this case, I can't wait to see who wins.

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    P- I want I want I want!
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    P- I travel a lot seems like a perfect solution.

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    P- Best case ive seen uptil now, 10/10.

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    P- i Need this@ ! D:

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    P- I wouldn't mind having the extra battery life! It's a win for me...especially if I win this giveaway.

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    P- Power slider looks like the winner to me .
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