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Thread: InCase Power Slider vs Mophie Juice Pack Air [ GIVEAWAY INSIDE! ]

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    P- I think I prefer the incse even if it's a little bigger. Btw, I've got a US shipping address.

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    P- a little bit more life is always welcome, like the hidden Magic Mushroom !!

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    Default Sweet
    P-having a full charge for a whole day would be da bomb. Especially for us Pandora lovers.

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    P- Would be nice to get to use my iPhone all day instead of charging halfway through the day

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    P- i really felt like i would win the last give away...time to redeem myself
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    P- Great looking case! I would love to have one

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    P- i'm diggin it. form and functionality....

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    P- I've been debating about getting either one of these for my 3G for a few weeks now, I just recently ordered a Rebel Seperent case though, however I would like something with an extra battery life. I do dock mine for most of my day at work but when I party hard afteward sometimes my batter flat out fails by the time i get home or on the way there ( not good for me)

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    P- please, oh please let it be mine, all mine.

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    P- I would love to win one of these cases. It would definitely come in handy on those days I neglect to charge my phone.

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    Default p-
    P- i would really like to try one of these really hope i win

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    P- i need one of these badboys all my other cases break on me

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    Default power slider
    "P"- Great case. It would definetly help while watching slingplayer mobile, really drains the battery quick. Good luck to all!!!!

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    P- It looks pretty sweet... Will i ever win? haha

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    P- come on man... hook me up with one... can't buy it myself.. got laid off.. this economy is hurting.

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    P - This looks like an amazing case, wouldn't have to charge as much anymore!

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    P- this could really help me out. im always looking for a plug when im out and about

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    P- Dont you wish they made them in different colors? But the miniUSB is the COOLEST part.for time where you do have to charge, and dont have a sync cable. Everyone in the world has a phone that is miniUSB. Definitely well thought out

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    P- I have owned and used BOTH cases before, and sold my Incase away for the Mophie. I can't stand the "soft-touch" grip, I didn't like the idea of holding in the one button to put it into "sync mode," it ruined the speaker sound too much, and was just plain too big. Mophie fixed all of these issues with the Air case, and although I never use the power switch on it, it is overall a better case. It even IMPROVES the iPhones sound by "cupping" the speaker towards you.

    My phone has never died in either case, but I have come VERY close (2%). Yes, I use my iPhone a LOT (and I don't even have 3G!). I would suggest the Mophie to anyone, but I still wouldn't mind getting my hands on another Power Slider to make a quick $60 on eBay.

    Thanks guys

    OH BTW GUYS P.S. - The Mophie DOES NOT have mini USB! It uses MICRO USB. (The Incase does have it though.)

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    I've been wanting to get a battery pack for a while. I'm a biker and like to use the GPS on my phone to keep track of my speed, distance, time, and track my path as well as listen to music during my ride. The problem is that doing this wipes out the battery and so I'm limited in how long I can use my phone to track myself. That is why I need one of these battery packs.

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