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Thread: WinterBoard Released for iPhone 3GS

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    For those who this is NOT working for... did you jailbreak on a Mac or on a PC (GeoHotz method)? Or did you use the devteams method. I am thinking errors may have something to do with the method of JB, as my GF was having trouble when she JB using GeoHatz Mac method. Soon as we did it on my PC it worked fine.
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    Okay the first time I did this I installed MobileSubstrate, resprang, then installed Winterboard. It locked up on boot.

    I did a DFU restore. Purplera1n RC2. Installed Cydia. Installed MobileSubstrate. Rebooted. Installed Winterboard. Success.

    I don't know why the second time worked when the first didn't...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ebentley View Post
    Hey Poetic: This would get released while I'm at work. Oh well, just glad it's finally here. I was missing my personalizations. Much thanx to all the devs for continuing such fine work
    Winterboard has absolutely nothing to do with the Dev Team...Thank Saurik
    Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon79 View Post
    vWallpaper doesn't work...
    SMS themes don't work... (where is the sms-background.png file we can change manually?)
    Keyboard themes don't work...
    Dialer themes, battery themes, and dialer themes DO work.
    -Sms bubbles will work, just change the folder containing the bubbles to ChatKit.framework(So far no luck for background, spoke to SB and we cant find the file for it either)
    -Keyboard themes will not work until Saurik changes the way the keyboard is injected
    -Dialer themes and Battery Themes WILL WORK but need to be manually SSHed into the phone in the proper directories. Will take a little time but they will all take.

    Edit: I dont know why but I thought your post said "dialer themes DO NOT work".
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    After installing, I had to reinstall my university's wireless profile, but that wasn't a big deal. Other than that, everything is good to go!
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    thank you saurik!
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    I used devteams jailbreak redsnow with 3.0 firmware downloaded from itunes then installed winterboard and uploaded themes with diskaid.

    Everything is working perfect.

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    Very nice, but when are SMS backgrounds and keyboard skins going to work?

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    Default Boss Tool
    Tell me, has anybody managed to get boss tool running on firmware 3.0 so far...
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    I really like this mattefusion theme

    MacThemes Forum / [Theme] MATTEFusionGZ (NotNano)

    making my own theme using random icons i find on the macthemes forum

    also made the icon fonts smaller, transparent status
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    Much appreciated!!! Everything works perfect, Purplera1n RC2 w/ new MobileSubstrate and WB! Thanks

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    Everything is working great!! thanks alot .... does anyone knows if theyare gonna come out with a hack to use the full capabilities of the iphone 800mhz and the 720p display..... or am i dreaming?
    any feeds letme know.....

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    Sure. When the iPhone actually has an 800mhz processor and a 720p display.

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    WHY ID I HAVE TO UPGRADE TO 3.1. I'm missing out on all the fun. DEV TEAM PLEASE JB 3.1!!

    I miss winterboard themes. STICKERS Rocks!!

    I am hoping to trick Apple to help me restore to 3.0 at the store.
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    My phone got stuck on the Apple logo and freaked me out. I pressed the home and power buttons to force a restart and it booted up perfectly after. WOOOO SAURIK!

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    kudos to Saurik on a quick fix for Winterboard on the 3GS. works lovely on my phone.

    has anyone else noticed that the status bar has grown a few pixels taller?! not a problem, just wondering.

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    So since everything is working properly does SBSettings still freeze during the installation on a 3G?

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    Anyone using vista 32bit home having trouble? I restored the other day before rc2 and now I can't install freeze. It does the whole process like before but after the reboot freeze is not installed. Has the steps to install changed?

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    updated now cydia wont open. starts to load and then crashes totally sucks don't want to restore again running 2g 3.0 any suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronak223 View Post
    Sure. When the iPhone actually has an 800mhz processor and a 720p display.

    It already does, Apple underclocked it. I too would like to see a hack for this!

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    how do i get that mail icon on the top right of the phone next to the battery that for mail or sms? is it only for 3gs or is there a work around to get it on the 3g as well (like the battery percentage hack)

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