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Thread: purplera1n for Mac Released - Jailbreak your iPhone 3GS

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    This may have been asked but has anyone started a thread as to what programs work and what doesn't....other than winterboard?

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    You can always just hide it with SBSettings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flounder21 View Post
    This may have been asked but has anyone started a thread as to what programs work and what doesn't....other than winterboard?
    Ya I'm looking for that thread too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by knickboy87 View Post
    For those who only jailbreaked and did NOT unlock, do you notice the phone going noticeably slower on boot up or otherwise?
    Nope. Just as fast as before.

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    Well, I guess I'm walkin to that giant cube of an Apple store on 5th ave tomorrow. Sweet!

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    I heart purplera1n

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aurobbo View Post
    I heart purplera1n

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    I tried jailbreaking my 3g s, but it didn't work... do you have to use at&t sim card for jailbreaking? Because I got my phone through EBay and it doesn't come with the sim card...

    Is there anyway to do it without at&t sim?

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    Is this just for 3GS? Or does it would for 3G too?

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    Worked great for me. Only app I've installed was Cydelete to delete freeze. But all phone functions work fine
    Black iPhone 4 32gb. MacBook Pro (but still have a Gateway Desktop running Windows 7 Professional)

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    sooo, if you're on a PPC Mac (like me) you're just S.O.L? Maybe Pwnagetool 3.1 will be PPC friendly?

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    im actually restoring back to factory. i might re-jailbreak when winterboard is working properly maybe. i guess i got to spoiled by the speed of the 3GS. initially when i first installed cydia things were still snappy but after i installed five icon dock and five column springboard. i totally noticed a bit of a slowdown. kinda felt like a 3g factory. i noticed the reboot took as long as the 3g and loading up games took a little longer. not a big deal just not worth it for someone like me who only used it before to background my IM applications. now with push i dont need it. i do like some other things but i can do without it for now... just thought i would share my experience if your like me and the 3GS has fulfilled all your needs than skip this unless you need ultrasn0w.

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    wow that was ridiculously quick!... backed up my iPhone 3GS, made it ra1n, and DONE in about a minute...pretty hot...installing Cydia through Freeze now...rebooted the phone...and there's Cydia...perfect! I didn't trust Purplera1n at first since it wasn't the Dev Team's work but damn, Geohot did a great job!
    32gb iPhone 3GS fw3.0

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    So the only method to "hacktivate" for tmobile is still to pop in an at$t prepaid card?

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    having mixed up icon issues. anyone else?

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    Default Skype Works Fine In Rain
    Quote Originally Posted by SPS View Post
    From all the other posts and info I can gather.... it appears there are some Kernel patches missing in GeoHot's JB required to run Mobile Substrate apps (tricker3g / voipover3g) which are causing errors like skype crashing and app store crashing once installed. Our only hope right now is either the Kernel patches come out, or the Dev Team's JB (which will more then likely already include these patches). Hope this helps.
    I have a purplerain JB 3GS, and Skype runs ON WI_FI just fine. When I launch Skype, I do get a "Doesn't work on modified 2.2 or 3.0" message. But I just ignore the message, which goes away when I start using Skype. Other than the alert, Skype functions ON WI-FI just like it did before JB. However, it does NOT work using Edge. :-(

    Quote Originally Posted by wePhone View Post
    Why didn't you install CyDelete and uninstall?
    I installed Cydelete but stopped short of deleting Freeze. Now I've just figured out the CyDelete settings business. The route is Settings > CyDelete > Non-Cydia Detection > ON. D'oh.

    Quote Originally Posted by flounder21 View Post
    This may have been asked but has anyone started a thread as to what programs work and what doesn't....other than winterboard?
    Below is a very short list of what I've discovered so far. I think the best advice I've heard is to wait until the dust settles before using too many Cydia apps. That said, I couldn't wait to see if Categories works, which it does!

    APT 0.7 HTTPS Method
    AT&T Carrier Logo
    Call Clear
    Categories [thank heavens!!]
    Categories v1 Icons
    Cydia Installer
    MakeItMine [yea!]
    Moon Phase

    WinterBoard [reported by others; I haven't felt the need to test it]
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    Work like a charm. Just rebooted and saw Cydia there. Thanks Geohot's for the app and Modmyi for the walkthrough!

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    Jailbroke two phones using windows 7 and like a dream...thanks devs...waiting for winterboard fix...

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