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Thread: [ NEW ] redsn0w - Multi-Platform Jailbreak/Unlock Tool

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    Yea i had tried all of the DFU tips i could find and nothing was working. I am not sure if it was something with my work computer but i was able to get it to work on my home machine. I am all updated with 3.0 and jailbroken now, Wow that was scary but im glad i was able to figure it out.. Thanks for the support guys, specially the colored snow guys for being the Gods that they are... This software is very easy to use and works great... Amazing job...

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    Quote Originally Posted by casanova1ne View Post
    Since so many "people" choose to come to a thread without reading first to find the answers to there problems... My personal yet HARSH opinion is "Banning" the "Illiterate Individual's" that cant do a first grade or even pre-school act (depending on the school one attended) called "READING"....
    Banning is pretty harsh. I say that they get access to their own private section of the forum that only allows them to do 2 things:

    1. Ask each other questions.
    2. Use the Search function.

    The rest of the forum should be greyed out

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    Is anyone else having battey issues?? My battey is draining like crazy. Could this be a redsnow problem?? Or the new software.

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    i already have 2.2.1 jailbroke, will I lose all of my apps that I have when I update to 3.0 and jailbreak it?

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    Default Quick question...
    Edit: Nevermind

    Thanks for all the hard work to the devs for this
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    how long does it take?
    the iphone shows downloading jailbrake data and its been doing that for about 5 min.

    im i doing something wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dadon4sho View Post
    how long does it take?
    the iphone shows downloading jailbrake data and its been doing that for about 5 min.

    im i doing something wrong?
    It frozen. I had this happen to me a couple times now after restore and jailbreaking again and again lol
    I just restart iPhone, open Redsn0w 0.8 and same thing over again, hit next, load FW and so on... It should make it all the way through the process now.

    Maybe someone else has a different idea...? I just did it my way and it worked like 10 times already haha

    Good luck!

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    whats better, this or blackra1n?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dylmyster22 View Post
    whats better, this or blackra1n?
    Well that depends on what type of iPhone you have and if u want to Jailbreak? Unlock? and what BB (BaseBand)? More info...
    First of all, read the first page. Your answer's are right there
    Blackra1n works on the newest FW and BB (3GS)
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    Might also add that blackrain rc3 only supports 3.1.2 firmware whereas redsn0w only supports up to 3.0.1
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