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Thread: How to Jailbreak/Unlock/Activate iPhone 2G on 3.0 Firmware - PwnageTool

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    Thanks. It works very well.

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    we do not have to be in 3.0 right? i was looking at tutorials on youtube and ppl were saying you have to be on 3.0 for pwnage to work... is that right? i tried following this and i was on 2.1 and i get a bootloader error... any suggestions please?? thanks in advance

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    Gah. I had 3.0 running but if I went into the iPod or a text or most apps it would do a soft re-spring, so I'm trying to re-jailbreak and it won't work again. Once I restored the unjailbroken 3.0 did that do something so that I can't re-jailbreak? Do I need to downgrade first and then re-upgrade?

    I gave redsn0w a try and it looks like it worked. A lot faster than old jailbreak too. I hope ultrasn0w is this easy too.
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    Default unlocked 2g 2.1
    hey I have an unlocked/jailbroken iPhone 2G 2.1. what steps do I need to take to get to OS 3.0? I dont know if my baseband was ever upgraded. I just tried to upgrade using these instructions but when I went to restore from itunes using the custom ispw i got an error message. am I supposed to use itunes to upgrade to 3.0 first and then go thru this process to unlock again?

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    Try using Redsnow. I did and it finally looks like I'm back in business.

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    Default invalid sim
    so I keep getting error 1600. I tried restoring using the uncustomized ipsw first, then itunes said i had an invalid sim. so i went back to recovery mode and restored again but this time used the customized ipsw. I tried upgrading, downgrading, and not changing the bootloader, and each time I get the error 1600, and now my phone is locked again... help :-(

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    Quote Originally Posted by lomer View Post
    Hey guys.
    I think I find an exit from this problem.
    If you have error 1600 or what ever and you can't restore to the old firmware, all you have to do is restore your iPhone to the uncustomize 3.0 firmware. The basically re-restore it but this time use the customize 3.0 firmware. AND IT WILL WORKS
    Mac 10.5.7
    itunes 8.2
    2G iPhone

    or as Gismo pointed out in an earlier post, use recovery mode, not DFU to get rid of error 1600.

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    thats what i did... should I take the sim out first then restore to 3.0?

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    OK, I did this and it works just fine on mine... All i did was restore to 3.0 FW first, thus erasing the previous jailbreak... then did the jailbreak/unlock from 3.0 FW and it works just fine.

    Question to whoever has the answer:

    I upgraded to the new 3GS and that phone is activated via ATT. This will be my main phone. What I want to do with my old 2G iPhone is use it as an iPod. I have already jailbreak/unlock the 2G phone and its asking me to restore to my previous back-up which is from the 3GS back-up. If I do back-up, would this erase all the information from my 3GS phone and make my 2G phone as the primary phone now or would it not? Would there be a way around to upload music and video to my 2G phone without restoring from back-up? Would restoring from back-up be the only way to use the iPod feature on my 2G iPhone?

    If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

    OLD INFO I forgot where to get this again. Link?

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    this was a success to me but i had a quick question... i noticed that when i reinstalled winterboard the icon is not what it used to be? it is the "zillow" app icon... did anybody encounter this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasonm253 View Post
    man after all day with 1600 errors 1604. Finaly found a way to do it. Trust me this does work cause i was in the same boat as all u with the error. Thanks to someone who post a comment on the iphone dev team blog. here u guys go. Mine is restoring right now! finally..good god. Thanks button is much appreciated!

    1. Find a custom 3.0 firmware for your iphone model created by a mac user.
    2. download and install winpwn from the official website.
    3. download an older firmware supported by winpwn such as 2.0.2 as well as the bootloader files (3.9+4.6) if you have a 2g iphone.
    4. use winpwn and follow the directions until it asks you to connect the iphone and go into dfu mode. the application will crash and leave your iphone with a blank white screen.force quit the app using task manager.
    5. Now use itunes to restore the iphone with the custom firmware obtained in step 1.

    Seems to be the easiest that I have tried yet and it worked the first time like a charm.
    Thanks, this worked! I've only been at it for 10 hours or so!
    I'm lucky I had both a Mac and a Windows box available. Presumably you could get to the white screen using this method and then take the iphone back to your mac to complete the upgrade.

    I started out doing the upgrade without updating my iTunes to 8.2. This should be added to the guide. I don't know if this causes the 1600 problems or not.

    During my many tries to get around the 1600 problem I was always able to do a factory restore with the original firmware. I was tempted to start that and then try unplugging the iphone at the right moment before it starts loading, then restart the restore with the custom firmware. Someone who is desperate might try this.

    Again, thanks!

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    After reading all these posts I was very nervous about trying to update to 3.0. My phone has always been jailbroken and unlocked with PwnageTool, and was running 2.2.1. I'm on T-Mobile.

    I updated my iTunes to 8.2.
    I downloaded the new PwnageTool and the 3.0 firmware from Apple.
    Ran the PwnageTool and made my custom firmware (I do have an Intel Mac).
    After I had the custom firmware on my desktop, I plugged my iPhone into my Mac (no DFU business), and when my iTunes came up, I held down option and clicked on restore.

    About 5 minutes later I'm updated! Put all my music, apps, etc back on, re-entered my APN.
    Everything works.

    Now I just have to add some third party apps and I'm set to go!
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    Worked for me: updated 2 iPhone 2G, only one asked for the bootloader files, other than that every thing seems to be working as advertised!

    For those of you who are having problems with bootloader files: go back to page 5 or 6 of this thread, someone posted a link to iClarified with pretty much the same instructions, but with the bootload files. That solved my prob for one of the phones.

    iPhone 2g (x2)
    Intel MB OSX 10.5.7
    iTunes 8.2
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    Thanks for the instructions - worked flawlessly. The only problem is that it's becoming really apparent that 3.0 was not meant to be used on a slow-*** processor like the one in the 1st Gen iPhone.

    My phone feels like it's constantly lagging, apps are slow to open, delayed reactions across the board. I deleted all but a few of the apps I previously had on the phone in the hope that it would help speed things up. It hasn't.

    Does anyone have advice on any other tweaks that might make my 1st Gen iPhone with 3.0 a bit more responsive? Many thanks.

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    i have the tzones plan, internet works wit 3.0 upgrade, just remember to go to cellular data network and put apn to

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    The 3.0 is cool but...
    I am seriously thinking about downgrading (if possible).

    My phone also got really slow, and lagging to respond instead of being faster, as advertised.

    Well it's only been 2 days, I will let it run for a week and then make a decision.

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Thank you Dev team and forum members, I followed the instructions and walla now my iphone that was a 2.1 software is an unlocked jailbroken 3.0.
    iPhone 8GB 1.1.4 unlocked & jailbroken via PWNAGE to 3.0

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    So far my iphone has actually increased in speed... but it's only been 2 days...

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    Quote Originally Posted by trisksxm View Post
    So far my iphone has actually increased in speed... but it's only been 2 days...
    i agree.. my 2g is atleast 40% faster with all previous JB apps installed again.. including mobile install, cycorder, five icon dock, WB.. my iphone is exactly as before except 3.0 minus GBA..
    Oldschool 12" iBook G4
    Mac OS X 10.5.6
    iTunes 8.0.2
    QuickPwn 2.2.5
    2.2.1 Jailbroken 8Gig iPhone 2G - for the wifie..
    3.0 Jailbroken 16Gig iPhone 2G - my WHORE..

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    ...but I have noticed my battery life seems to be shorter than usual...

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