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Thread: PwnageTool 3.0 Released [Mac]

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    read my post and thank me if u could do it i did it and works perfect 3.0 (2g iphone)

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    windows jailbreak? any new updates on it!?!

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    Anybody have an ipsw for a 3G with boot logos and a good sized partition (maybe just over a gig?). I'm AT&T so I don't need it unlocked, but I'm upgrading from stock 3.0 firmware (I couldn't resist the temptation) so I'll need that taken into account as well. Since I'm sure there are a lot of people who are looking for this I would then re-forward it to whoever asked me for it via PM.

    Please PM me if you have what I'm looking for.

    Thanks in advance!

    Dev Team, great work on Pwnage Tool but please give us Windows users some love too! I hate having to beg!!!

    I'll edit with my results if/when I get the firware to let you guys know how it worked.
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    hip hip hoorrah lemem try

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    hooray for what? did u get somewhere? for windows?

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    ive got 3g with windows not the 2g lol

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    and...? does that help me get download

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Default Error 16xx fix.
    If you are getting error 16xx when trying to install custom firmware do the following:

    1.Install stock 3.0
    2.Jailbreak using beta 5 ipsw.
    3.After jailbreak iphone will be stuck on pink connect to itunes screen. Leave iphone on pink screen for next step.
    4.Close quickpwn and open iTunes.
    5.Shift+restore and select custom ipsw.

    I have done this twice today and it is the only way i could get it to work with custom firmware. Good luck!

    Note-This also works to downgrade to 2.2.1 only you have to install beta 2 or 3 after beta 5, then 2.2.1. If quickpwn doesn't recognize your phone for the 2.2.1 jailbreak unplug usb then plug it back in after you select firmware and it shows screen asking to ensure iphone is connected in itunes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by r333xxh4v0k View Post
    someone care to help out with a link to a j/b 3g ispw?

    pm or email to [email protected]

    thanks guys!!
    GTFO, Brent

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    Default Iphone 3.0 jailbreak
    Quote Originally Posted by cash7c3 View Post

    You can now Jailbreak firmware 3.0 thanks to the Dev Team's hard work on PwnageTool 3.0.

    Some notes:
    • UltraSn0w is not out yet. If you have an iPhone 3g that NEEDS to be unlocked for you to use it wait until UltraSn0w is released (we will post when that happens) before upgrading to 3.0 and Jailbreaking.
    • iPhone 3g owners that don't need to be unlocked feel free to upgrade and jailbreak.
    • Factory Unlocked iPhone 3g is fine to upgrade and jailbreak. It will remain unlocked. If you don't know whether or not yours came unlocked from the factory then don't risk it.
    • iPhone 2g owners you are perfectly fine, create custom .ispw via PwnageTool and you'll be unlocked and jailbroken.
    • iPod Touch 1g you this will jailbreak your device
    • iPod Touch 2g, there is not 3.0 jailbreak yet
    • This DOES NOT work on the iPhone 3G S

    Direct Download
    MMi Member Mirror

    You can download via torrent here
    Once again guys, your on it right from the get go, i like that, much respect, from me & all the other members. A big thank you to the DEV Team, they are fantastic as usual, keep up the good work. We Love you guys.. By the way, does anybody know whether the untetherizer guys have brought out a new jailbreak for the ipod touch2g 3.0 firmware yet?????

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    ok im a ppc user so im stuck on 3.0 unless someone has mad a iphone 1st gen no unlock no activate no icy im a legit user with unlimited data i want to keep that going if someone can post that please do thanks guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by salayyad View Post
    if you need a guide to jailbreak just visit there is a really simple guide to jailbreak. why is everyone looking for custom firmwares. thats the whole point of pwnage tool. it creates one for you. am i missing something.
    Hey salad, the current pwnage 3.0 tool is a mac only version. So what will windows users do?
    Hello! got it?

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    Have iPhone 3g, already jailbroken but want to upgrade to 3.0. What do i need to do? Please guide me in the right direction. Thanks in advance!

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Can someone address the concerns about pwnage 3.0 crashing on PPC macs?
    It happened to me as well.

    It starts to build the custom ipsw and vavoom! It crashes big time.

    Any ideas?!?

    Had to downgrade back to 2.2.1 bummer!!!

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    Exclamation Windows
    Dev-Team Blog - redsn0w in june

    the 3.0 JB for Windows is now here!!!!!!!!!!!
    My signiture? Whats that...............

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    ok im new to this stuff.. i have a 3G and i wanna upgrade. I have a windows computer, what do i need to do?

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    Default Helpu
    Quote Originally Posted by edozen View Post
    ok im new to this stuff.. i have a 3G and i wanna upgrade. I have a windows computer, what do i need to do?
    Ello mate, you need to click on the above devteam link from aussiebob that states its here (thanks for the heads up bob)
    read the info on that page before you do anything, download the torrent for windows version of redsnow.
    Update iphone through itunes, then run the redsnow package!
    Iphone 3g 16g jailbroken4.2.1... "dont fear the jailbreak !"

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    Hahaha nobody posted much after redSnow release for 3.0. Please post your commrnts a we ill follow your lead. Thanks Dev Team and everyone for the hard work

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