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Thread: [PICS] Standing in Line for the iPhone 3GS

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    Anyone know when stores will be having more? I had to work today and didn't get a chance to run to the store to get one.

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    Literately walked into my local best buy at 11am and at 1122am was walking out with 2 32 3Gs phones activated and awaiting Jali breaking.

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    Apple Store Fifth Avenue New York @ 6 PM still packed...

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    is anyone else having problems with ATT activating your phone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mdc929 View Post
    Buffalo, NY
    2nd person in "pre-order" line

    hahah I went there this morning after picking up my 16GB White 3GS in Erie PA with no line or pre order . went to the movies and shopped small world

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmericAn View Post
    I picked mine up at noon haha, I was smart and pre-ordered, why get up early?....damn

    EDIT: Oh, and haha they were NOT that happy when they took my old 2G to transfer my contacts and saw it was jailbroken hahahaha, it was pretty amusing.

    What did them apple people say when they saw jailbroken iPhone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mnoraznan View Post
    why not wait next year?
    by then OS 4.0 will be out...
    and then the iPhone would have:

    4 megapixel...or 3.8?
    Flash? (mybe not, 2012?)
    video call? (nah...)

    To be honest, 3GS blows. There's already video and audio recording app in Cydia. The speed? its not like ppl would want to run particle simulations or anything...juz the same apps
    come on apple, dont withheld upgrades and let it trickles bit by bit and happily watching ppl line up and pay their hard-earned money for every little iterations..limit that to OSX please....juz straight up give us the most powerful phone ever..and not do upgrades annually

    As it is, I wont be parting with my 3G anytime soon..
    Thats why ppl squeeze every damn last power that they can from each pricey iterations...
    Good for you. Why say all this in these posts? These same people will probably get next years model too. I MADE money on the deal unlocking and selling my 3G so I don't really see how people think it isn't worth it. I guess "worth it" is defined VERY differently between different people.

    Quote Originally Posted by dtn View Post
    What did them apple people say when they saw jailbroken iPhone?
    I imagine nothing as it was not their business really...
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    im really close to pulling the trigger on the 3gs but im just waitng to unlock my phone so i can have a better shot at selling it

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    Default crazy
    Thats crazy I live up in Seattle and did not have to wait in line matter of fact I went to the apple store @ about 6.30 pm when my wife got home and scored two 32gb black Iphone 3GS I must be lucky

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    Sometimes there are benefits to living in a small town.
    I live in Biloxi MS, there's only 1 AT&T retailer and no Apple store, but I went to AT&T at 7:30 (they opened @ 7:00), walked right to to counter, canceled my preorder (ordered after the 16th), ported my old T-Mobile number over and was on my way home by 7:45 with the same phone that I preordered (white 32gb).

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