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Thread: [PICS] Standing in Line for the iPhone 3GS

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    iPhone 3G S ordered 6/8 + overnight delivery. Ships 6/16. Customs cleared 6/16 in AK. UPS delivery expect 6/17. Then Apple pokes me in eye.

    6/17 UPS changes status to held for "Recipient" delivery date change. Lie. Status changed 6/18 after a swarm of "recipient" calls to UPS.

    UPS = Apple Puppet. UPS demonstrates lack of concern for buyer/customer. 6/17-6/19 iPhone sits at UPS. 6/19 "out for delivery". Daughter gets iPhone at Apple store at 8:37AM 6/19. I still wait.

    Moral - Apple stills doesn't care about user more than self image. Will love phone, not Apple. Why not let pre-orders arrive a day early?

    [despite text below ID, have jailbroken repeatedly for two years now] ;-)
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    Lansing, MI was crap. I'll get the pics later, but there was about 4 cars (including myself) outside of the local AT&T store at 0700. The sucky thing was that since i was an early adopter on the 3G, and had decided to wait until I'm eligible (read: stupid AT&T), I did not pre-order. So I got there (the parking lot) at about 0500, and they absolutely would not sell me one until 0900. Thank god I brought my EEE PC, since I sold my 3G the other day. Step brothers is such a good movie!!

    The weather was just awful. There were lightning strikes about every minute. And thunder that was just unbelievable.

    It was really funny though, this ****** pulls up to the store around 0600, and makes sure he has the best parking space and everything. Then when they opened the doors, and he had not pre-ordered, he had a fit. He's whining to the rep about how long he had been there (just under an hour, really) and tries to convince him to change policy, just for him. lol. I certainly wasn't thrilled when they told me that I would have to wait 2 more hours, but they had never told me the times, so I wandered around Meijers (which was next door) for a while.

    All-in-all it was fun.


    Oh yeah, I almost forgot! I got a black 32GB. I had a white 3G, and wanted a change. It looks so hawt.
    And it will be like a taco inside a taco within a Taco Bell that's inside a KFC that's within a mall that's inside your dream!

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    UPS just dropped off my white 32gb 3GS at 9am in Southern NJ! Restore in progress.

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    congrats on the 32gb 3GS

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    UPS just delivered mine

    .. and im sitting indoors w/ A/C

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    why not wait next year?
    by then OS 4.0 will be out...
    and then the iPhone would have:

    4 megapixel...or 3.8?
    Flash? (mybe not, 2012?)
    video call? (nah...)

    To be honest, 3GS blows. There's already video and audio recording app in Cydia. The speed? its not like ppl would want to run particle simulations or anything...juz the same apps
    come on apple, dont withheld upgrades and let it trickles bit by bit and happily watching ppl line up and pay their hard-earned money for every little iterations..limit that to OSX please....juz straight up give us the most powerful phone ever..and not do upgrades annually

    As it is, I wont be parting with my 3G anytime soon..
    Thats why ppl squeeze every damn last power that they can from each pricey iterations...
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    32G white 3G S synced and waiting for JB/Unlock!

    Walked into my store after 9:30 and they had only sold out of black 16G oddly enough. The wait for the sales agent was only 15 minutes and I was out the door with my 3G S in less then 10 minutes after that!

    Love my local store!

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    Can someone please give us a real-world comparison of how fast you think your new 3GS is versus your old 3G?

    Preferably someone who didn't have it jailbroken or is used to not using it jailbroken (for a realistic comparison since jailbreaking slows it down a LOT)

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    I'd say my new 3GS is at least 50% faster then my 3G. Opening and closing applications is almost instantaneous on some. Safari runs ridiculously faster on the 3GS. Opening a weather underground page on the 3GS was at least 2 seconds faster then the 3G.

    I was skeptical about the speed being that much faster but it is MUCH faster in every way I've found so far. The whole OS feels smoother also, I'm assuming because of the new processor speed.

    Oh and the Video is HAWT! editing is easy and the quality is surprisingly good.

    Now.... when AT&T gets MMS to us and Apple gets us a Flash player for the browser I'll be satisfied.

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    32gb white 3gs synced and waiting for jb/ul.
    16gb iPhone4 black

    If I helped you in anyway please hit thank you.

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    32 gb and 16 gb synced and waiting for jailbreak ... here in edmonton, canada, i was the only person who bought it in the whole mall, with rogers, wireless wave and fido selling, no lineups no crowd... looks like ppl dont know about the upgrading options .....

    the guy who sold it to me tho took f*ckin 1 hour to setup 2 phones
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    Got my 16GB white 3GS this morning and had no issues. I walked right up to the door and said i pre-ordered mine and was let in and waved to the line of people waiting until 9 LOL. Was in and out in like 10 min and talking on my new 3GS while the people in line just stared with envy hahaha

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    Got mine dropped off about an hour ago to my house.

    This thing flies! So much more responsive than the previous 3G. Pages load faster, apps load faster, keyboard is more responsive.


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    just got mine from fedex. Told The mail room guy coming into work today that I was expecting a package. So he's like what is it and I said an iPhone and his eyes widened and he said oh. So I kept on checking fedex and ran down the second it said it arrived. Didn't want any one taking my phone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by reanimationxp View Post
    Can someone please give us a real-world comparison of how fast you think your new 3GS is versus your old 3G?
    did you look at the front page of mmi yet? hehe like 3 or 4 posts down right on the front page:

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    still waiting for my delivery from fedex today... i wish they would hurry up!!

    anyword on when these can possibly be jailbroken unlocked?

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    just got mine in the mail. Not worth the wait!!!!!

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    Default Standing in line for a phone????
    I've never understood why people wait hours in line to be the first to own the latest Apple iPhone. The stores only have a hand full in stock. You can be that they will just run out when you get to the front of the line. I wanted the 2G Touch but learned that it's best to wait a while rather than going to the store half a dozen time with no luck.

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    Glad to hear Safari is running good on the new 3gs. I'm gonna ebay my 16gb White 3g once there's a jailbreak available for the 3gs.

    I don't want to be like all the 2g touch owners and be stuck without a jailbreak for months

    I felt so bad for those guys before RedSn0w.

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    YAY! mine was delivered at 1:20 pm EST! syncing as i type!

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