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Thread: Sign the Petition Against the iPhone 3G S Pricing Structure

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    Lol@ reeko

    I'm getting a 3GS for 440 and I thought 269 was a bargain for an iPhone as I got the iPhone, came home and unlocked it! Simple, no contract or anything.
    I agree that O2 are being fag's, I might have to take a long hard look before buying, hmmmm

    Well if people can get NO ONE to buy the iPhone 3GS in UK then O2 will have to drop the price, wont they?

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    Ye they wil, the same as they did with the 2G. But it won't happen.

    The difference is this time round the subsidised price makes the iPhone look cheap to the average joe consumer - and that's where the money is and who Apple have been trying to target the whole time.

    I also got the 2G for 269, got home, unlocked it and stuck my Orange sim in. All my friends said "269 for a phone? Are you stupid?!"

    These same friends are now happy to sign 24 month contracts which see them pay around 3/4 times the 269 i initially paid, but on the day of signing looks so cheap and cheerful.

    And the worst thing about this whole pricing fiasco is that the iPhone will be allot cheaper to be produced now than the 2g was at the price point of 269, BUT ITS 200% THE PRICE OF THE 2G?!?!?!?!?!?!

    I think im angry at Apple for selling out with it. If they didnt allow the carriers to subsidise the phone then we wouldnt have this
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    I'll sign it if you can expand the petition to include all the people not already using an iPhone 3G yet still can't get new-customer price because they aren't eligible for upgrade discounts yet.


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    I'd love to sign your petition.

    However, you have to be a user of twitter, which I don't really want to sign up for.

    But yes! I'm with ya! The big problem is that I have to re-up my 2 year contract. If I didn't have to have to re-up my 2 year contract to buy the more expensive phone, I'd say it was all equal.

    But having to sign up for a new 2 year contract, I should get the cheaper price.

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    I'm lucky enough to get a 32GB at $299 if I want. Just no money right now.

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    I signed the petition. Petitions never do anything but show who's angry lol. These companies only care about $$$$$$$$$$ so those of us who either can't afford the new phone or aren't willing to pay for the high price of the new phone are stuck. Well at least until further notice.

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    They dropped the 3G down to $99, how much cheaper can you get.

    Do you NEED a 3G S? Are you ENTITLED to it?

    You will get nowhere with this and it just reeks of whining. I am disappointed this was allowed on the front page.

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    wouldn't it be great if the iphone were just free? sure, but that's not how things work. at&t's service in general may be a ripoff, but their iphone pricing structure is actually fair. and as other's have pointed out, they're actually being nice by allowing many users a partial subsidy when they haven't yet fulfilled their original 2 year contract.

    Counterpoint: AT&T isn't cheating iPhone 3G customers

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    if you have an iphone 3g, and your want to upgrade theyll give you the subsidized price after one year of the contract, i got the 3g on launch so im eligible for the 199/299 price on july 12 of 09, seems fine to me, just need to wait a month more.

    if you go to the apple site, and try ordering a 3gs itll ask you if you are an existing customer, press yes, and fill out the info, once you are through itll tell you when you are able to upgrade to the 3gs at full discount.

    i agree that ATT are being ******s for not giving us the "new customer" price after making us go through that whole fiasco last year, and etc, and i agree with this petition, although i dont have a twitter acct
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    Stop complaining. When you got the deep discount price for your iPhone 3G, you signed a contract that said you couldn't get a discount for 22+ months. The fact that AT&T is giving even a half discount is pretty nice.

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    Angry At&t FTW!
    And by FTW i mean they win with a big old [Epic Fail]!

    Here is my story. Please leave me input. I have yet to receive any.

    I performed the upgrade eligibity check on Apple's online store the day of the announcemnent at WWDC. This is where i discovered the pricing complications. I am eligible for the 399.00 pricing on the 16g iPhone 3gS. Fine. So I contact the powers that be in customer service with At&t ( I can clearly hear the mass chaos in the background )and I get on the phone with my 1st rep for that call. I ask her 'when is my account due to recieve full promo pricing on the new phone?'. She tells me long story short that my upgrade discount pricing is going to be available to me 20 (TWENTY) days after the phone is released. So naturally I ask if she can just "flag" my account for an upgrade so I can promptly pre-order my device. About 5 representatives and supervisors and managers later which was full of empty appologies and "we would really like to help you out if we could" they remeained unmoved in my attempt to get an early upgrade. Early being 20 days. They would not. Even after mentioning all of my problems with them and telling them I would rather "churn" my line and lose my phone number, just to get a iPhone at release time with promo pricing. This didn't even make anyone i spoke with flinch. There is no sort of retention department at At&t any more i have determined. I was transfered to the retentions representative who after about 30 minutes of complaining lost me because of faulty signal on my phone. I waited because they are supposed to call you back at least 2x within 10 minutes if you are disconnected/hung up. No phone call. So I gave up. I called and had them remove the iPhone package from my line. (there is no point in paying 30.00 a month on a crappy package, if you live out this way you know how bad it is)

    This turned into a rant. Bottom line. Shame on At&T for not allowing me the 20 day grace period for the upgrade.
    I want to commit to At&T and they dont want to commit to their customers. Its stupid. They can get away with it to which is the sad part. Its a case of we need them more than they need us and they know that we are stuck.
    20 DAYS!

    1) I live in middletown, ny.... this is originally an old Cellone area. Translation- the network is ****
    there isnt 3g coverage here. yet i continue to pay the same price as everyone else.
    2) I have steller payment history for my 3 lines that I have had over the past 3+ years

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    I am eligible on July 4th 2009 and they wouldn't do a 15 day early upgrade! That is poor customer service and we have a 25 phone account. They wouldn't budge. I would not really mind as much, but you know it will be backordered on the 20th well through the next month, so 15 days will turn into 45 easy. They just need to look at the customer a little more and reward the loyalty.
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    I don't understand. How is this any different with any other cell phone contract and any old average cell phone. You have to wait a certain amount of time before you are eligible for an upgrade without paying or at a discount. Why should it be any different for iphones? You people did sign the contract so I don't understand the complaints. When you're up for renewal you can go get one for the discounted price and renew contract otherwise pay the price just like with any other cell phone contract. Am I missing something here?
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    Ok here's the thing I understand why everybody is upset because Apple spoiled us last year and gave us an early upgrade price. We all want the same thing this year. But by the looks of the 3GS it doesn't look like Apple really intended on this iPhone to sell like they wanted the 3G. They know the phone will sell just because there are people out there (like me) that will just get the 3GS just because it's a "new" iPhone. But really as everyone has already said it's just more memory and a video camera. They obviously don't really care at this point if we buy it or not. They will come out with a new iPhone next year and it will either be something AMAZING or it will just be another iPhone. They need to offer more colors in my opinion. Black and white is getting a little old. If they can make the rainbow out of iPods then they need to with the iPhone. But everyone needs to check and see when they're actually eligible for an upgrade because I bought the 2G when it came out two years ago and I bought the 3G last year when it came out and I'm eligible to buy the 3GS for base price in July so you might not be as far away as you might think. Just my opinion abou the whole thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by suineg View Post
    You will get nowhere with this and it just reeks of whining. I am disappointed this was allowed on the front page.
    Ironic, eh?

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    Greedy political games.

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    LOL at the people that are mad at AT&T because they can't upgrade early.

    Gimme a break.

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    yeah it sucks for a lot of people, but come on guys. this isn't exactly a "new" strategy for apple or AT$T.
    just go back in time through this forum to a year ago.
    same sh!t different day.

    you really wanna get some results?
    call their bluff and make them call yours.
    threaten to cancel ALL your lines and switch to tmobile since you googled how to unlock ur phones and it seems pretty simple!
    boy that rep will be sweatin and stutterin so fast.

    "oh, umm, well, sir, ummmmm, hmmm. can i put u on hold real quick while i speak to my supervisor?"
    she almost started crying when i started yelling.
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