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Thread: Griffin Clarifi for iPhone 3G - Fulfill Your Photography Needs! (Giveaway Inside!)

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    C- This is probably one of the coolest cases Ive seen!
    Go GRIFFIN!!- Good Luck 2 Every1

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    C- Me win???

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    "C-I would love to have one!!"
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    C - MMI = awesome

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    C- Pick me and I'll be a sales rep..!!

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    C- I like this case!

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    C-Looks cool, can I have one!

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    C- Need one to keep my old iPhone in good shape for a little longer...



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    What's Jailbreak?
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    bummer, just missed the deadline.
    Looks awesome. Good luck to everyone who posted!
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    Default Tried the Clari-Fi too and it works
    C- I tried a friends Clari-Fi and it really does work. I'd love one.


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    Just a little follow-up here: I entered the contest AND I bought one, which has already arrived. (We need 2 in our 2-iPhone...umm..correction..soon to be 3 iPhone household). Anyway, having used several different cases already and particularly liking the incase slider, I REALLY like this Griffin Clarifi case. What I particularly found that I like about it aside from the sliding lens cover, is the 2-tone texture of it. It has the nice shiny black look about it, yet also has the nice sort of rubbery black grip as the other part of it that I really like as I have slippery It just looks really good and goes together well and stays together, yet without being difficult to get apart.

    2 thumbs up from me

    P.S. Oh, I forgot to mention that it also comes with a stick on screen film protector. I can't tell you anything about that as I haven't used it yet. It's intended for my new 3Gs. I only demo'd the case on our 3G for fit and function prior to the arrival of the 3Gs. I've had problems with the edges of film screen protectors coming up at the edges when you slide your phone into a case before, so I tend not to use them. I'll have to see what happens with this one.
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    C- If this thing really works as well as the sample shows it should be sweet.

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    I know am late but the winners are..
    andypropaganda, jwilcox09 and ninthchamber99. PM me with your details to claim the prize!

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    The case is pretty amazing, but I am having trouble with the screen protector. The tightness of the case is causing the screen protector to bubble around the edges. Sometimes these bubbles can be worked out, but anytime you remove the bottom or hold the phone firmly, the bubbles return.

    The screen included with the case didn't work, and neither did the AirJacket ones. I am trying Zagg Invisible Shield now. Hopefully once that screen sets, there won't be any edge bubbling.
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    I had exactly the same issue, I'm still undecided if I want to keep it on and have protection from scratches and live with fingerprints or take the risk but have less fingerprints as I have a 3GS. I'm also not too happy that after a day of careful handling mine looks like it's been in use for about 6 months. There's even a big mark in the side of it that I can't fathom how it happened. It protects the phone though as I did drop it last night and it just left a small mark on the corner of the case. It's still a great case and worh the £15 I paid for it.

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    I have the case and have the same issue with the screen protector. What you need to do is to lightly cut the edge that is bubbling up so it doesn't sit under the case anymore. Just hte VERY edge should be enough. Mine bubbled up at the top right corner. I managed to fix the other bubbles without cutting.

    Note that if you mess the screen protector up so it's bent by the case, there is NO fixing it, you need a new protector or cut off the bent part.

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