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Thread: Apple Stores Open at 8am, AT&T at 7am on June 19th for iPhone 3G S

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    i think the upgrade point is after 20 months, i got my 2g iphone on contract 9/24/07 and it says im eligible for an upgrade now
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    Hope all you guys realized that under AT&T's terms of pre-order, they state that your phone will be delivered "As early as" June 19....but is subject to a bunch of stuff like availability which could/would delay you from getting till later.

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    if i pre-order, ill be going in at 7 am...there will be a per-order line and i think ill be able to get it that morning
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    ^Im talking about the home delivery option

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    Mine is coming from Apple....

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    Quote Originally Posted by wgm214 View Post
    if i pre-order, ill be going in at 7 am...there will be a per-order line and i think ill be able to get it that morning
    I shall be in line as well. I pre ordered and will be in the line no later then 7. Finally coming back to the iphone again

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    Quote Originally Posted by keiffer6 View Post
    I agree. I did the same thing. Mine was done through our corporate AT&T wireless account. Went through the process and upgraded to the 32 GB iPhone 3G S. Quick and painless. I did notice that the data plan went up since I originally bought my iPhone 2g. $30 now instead of $20.

    I am going to be watching out the window for the delivery guy on Friday.
    Hope you also noticed that your data plan will no longer include any text messages -- if not you could be in for a nasty surprise with that first bill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon79 View Post
    Tattoojack... I see you have an iPhone 3G. Whether you purchased it on the first day it came out or got it yesterday it's the same piece of hardware so what difference does it make and why are you hating?
    While you are right about the hardware not changing that's not true about s/ware. Anyone who bought on day one last year has BL 5.8 and so can downgrade their BB so there can actually be advantages to buying on day one.
    Apple can change s/ware to fix exploits - the earlier you buy the more likely it is you will be able to use those exploits later.

    Just a thought....
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