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Thread: Chinese Wholesaler Exposes Upcoming iPhone bezel and LCD Hardware

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    Quote Originally Posted by sayam View Post

    The bezel has changed -instead of the silvery color we're familiar with, it has now turned black.
    lol "silvery color?" Its fukking chrome silly :P

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    Rumors, rumors, rumors. I'd rather just wait for the real news lol

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    I hope it is proved as false.
    Asking for help is different from being stupid. Fanboys can rot in @#$%!

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    I've found a pic of what I believe is the new iPhone

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    Well all we can do is just wait an see.

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    dunno what to say, I really hope for a boost in ram (min. 256) and processor, a camera upgrade and maybe a slimmer/lighter design. anything else is bonus

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    [QUOTE=Anyway, I still don't see the point in a bigger hard drive? I don't know how people filled up the 4gb iPhone, I would much rather apple upgrade everything else and then think about hard drive space. Maybe I need to broaden my music collection.[/QUOTE]

    I'm with you on this. I have no trouble filling up my 8GB device, but remember, the beauty of this thing is that it is a ubiquitously-connected device. Stream music or whatever from wherever to wherever. Cloud computing, people!

    I too would rather see efforts focused on faster processors, more RAM, longer battery life, etc., since many of us are bumping up against limits in this category.

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    Default More storage is def needed!
    Sorry to disagree with some of you here, but this is an old argument on all computing platforms and the fact remains the same. One could argue that programmers should work on producing software with a smaller footprint, so to speak, but the reality is that we, the consumer, are evr more demanding in our entertainment and computing needs. Hell I've only got about 50 of my albums loaded onto iTunes, but only sync my favourite tracks onto it from each album....that takes up in excess of 5GB alone! Then you got a few movies at a time...1 comedy, 1 animation (for the kids), an educational nature documentary I'm at about 9GB and that doesn't include apps yet!!

    Everyone's needs varies slightly, but we all pretty much want the same thing from an iPhone, so to have 2 models or more with greater hardware features and performance makes sense to me.

    Buy according to your needs or budget, but manufacturers should not skimp on the latest technology.

    If they can (or are willing) to build an iPhone with all the bells and whistles we've been reading about and include much more useable RAM i.e. 1GB, a 1Ghz CPU and a dedicated graphics chip capable of HD decoding and a 200GB miniature solid state memory card/hard-drive etc and finally, the ability for me to dispose of my laptop and or MAC/PC alltogether, I would be happy to spend $2000 on an iPhone, but not more than a high spec PC or Mac would cost.

    Insure the damn device and happy whatever you do with your device...providing it does all these things and more as seamlessly as the iphone currently works with all its features.

    I know my example is far fetched, but the point stands, I'm sure I'm not the only one either. Give us the best proven technology that is available today and offer cheaper less capable alternatives for those whose needs or budget won't allow for it, but don't hold back on the tech.

    My iPhone is no longer just a phone to me, it has become a way of life, because of the intuitive integrated features and capabilities.

    I have no loyalty to any company and am quite happy to switch to another manufactured device if it delivers better than the iphone in an easy to use way that simplifies the way i interact with the digital world. It's not rocket science, is it? I'm willing to pay for what I want....and I'm not even wealthy by any means, but for those who say, more storage space isn't important, or gaming isn't important or whatever they are willing to sacrifice.....good luck to them, but I say, keep innovating and positively pushing the boundaries of consumer technology. Not, hold off on certain features for those who don't want or cant afford it. With that attitude, nothing great or life changing would ever have been invented and produced.

    It's only a matter of time before it all filters down to affordability to the masses. Keep innovating Apple and all other leading companies.

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    +1 ^
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.

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    I have just enough space on my 16gb 3G , but it would be nice for more . Bigger is better , right?
    I only keep about 30 to 40 songs and alot of podcast that I listen to at work . The bulk of my space might be the 200 plus apps and games I keep on it as well . I use the categories app from cydia . Thats my best app.

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    i hope they keep it heavy i dont care if they make it thinner ill put a case on it. its more comfotable to hold for texting and games if its a bit bigger

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