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Thread: GPS (ish) Comes to the iPhone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarsVolta View Post
    I'm in Chicago, and in my neighborhood on the far northwest side, which is completely residential, it won't connect regardless of my wifi status, connected or not. However, when I go downtown to school, it'll pick up my location pretty accurately. Hopefully these Navizon guys start releasing updates on a regular basis to help us register our wifi spots as triangulation points.
    yea i think find the same problem in the northeast burbs, but i was in the city today goin to some club/bars and i tested all over and it kept finding me on the ball. I'll post some screen shots later

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    It works for me here in Toronto Canada. I have an unlocked iPhone on the Fido network. I first tried it at home on my own wifi network and it couldn't find the cell/wifi nodes.

    When I was at my local pub, on their open wifi network, it found me perfectly. I tried it again today on the pay-to-play city wifi (Toronto has 6 sq. km of public accessible wifi in the downtown area), it located me perfectly again.

    Haven't tried using cell function. EDGE is way too slow.

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    it sorta works over wifi for me

    Using wifi it is 3.1 miles off. Pretty bad IMHO
    wifi off using cell towers... never finds a location


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    Quote Originally Posted by listenclose View Post
    I really need this to work and it won't. I live in Atlanta, Ga
    I finally got it to work one time while driving under spaghetti junction I-85/I-285 in Atlanta.

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    Cool Encinitas
    Quote Originally Posted by KSpider View Post
    no known cell towers / wife nodes in area

    Encinitas, CA
    Hey, KSpider, I live in Rancho. The way it gets info is through other people with GPS on their blackberrys etc that install it and walk around it. if you tell people to install it on gps enabled phones, they earn points for each wifi hotspot they walk by, and cell tower. 10 points for cell tower, 2 for wifi hotspot. even if it is already mapped by someone else, you can get points. 10,000 points gets you$20 on paypal.
    (From them)
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    Quote Originally Posted by xplod4202 View Post
    No know cells or wifi nodes in range
    Location: Los Angeles.
    same here buddy

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    It worked with Wifi but not when I wasn't using Wifi. There was one time where it worked not using Wifi in Boston, MA. Every now and then when I would press a button to un-sleep the phone it would un-sleep then re-sleep and I suspect it was this program since it is the only additional program I have put on it, so I uninstalled it. Also, when I would be located I would select "Get directions from here" and it wouldn't work at all.

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    crap wish it worked, would make a nice gps system with this screen size...

    San diego, California

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    Default Works Fairly Well Here in Helsinki
    I have walked around town checking it out using the Sonera network (I have WiFi also running). In some places, works surprisingly well, others, the base station reference is quite far off.

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    Does anyone know if this will work here over in Australia?

    Does google maps have Australian Maps anyway?


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    This app is BS - guess we'll have to wait for a big update. It was released way too early. This is should be considered a pre-beta software. What's the point in getting it to work 1 out of a 100 times and that's if you're lucky.

    This function should have been included in Google Maps.

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    yeah this version of Navizon app is not working at all in my area. Already tried different places and it still bsed

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    I tried this App in 4 different states and never got it to work. Currently it's useless.

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    I installed the software and signed up for the service. I have been getting the error "Unable to Locate, Your location cannot be identified..." when I have my wifi off. When I have it on and connect to my home network it locates me somewhere east of Santa Cruz, CA. I have also set my home area on the Navizon sight to LA. The program functions well except for the fact that it locates me nowhere near where I actually am. I'm an ATT customer in the Culver City area of Los Angeles. One would think that this program would function in LA. I haven't read the entire forum about this yet but I hope I am not the only person with this problem.

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    Works for me fine but only with wifi im in nyc

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    I also use AT&T and when I go to use program I get same message:

    Unable to Locate
    Your location could not be identified. No known Cells or WiFi nodes in range.

    So I hit the "OK" button and my iphone freezes-up! I have to reboot phone to get back in operation.

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    thats pretty cool
    Iphone Love... I dreamed of a iphone before it was out..

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    that damn thing is a trial..

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    So it only worked for me when I'm driving down I-85 through downtown Atlanta and now they have the nerve to tell me my free trial has expired.
    1win.1 loss.1 draw

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    My trail expired too.
    Looks like no one is gonna use this app anymore.

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