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Thread: Assassin's Creed Coming to the iPhone

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    Don't suppose there's been any more word on a release date?

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    yea, would would love to see a release date on this game

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    I'll also join in on wanting a release date. I loved assassins creed from the moment I tried it at my friends house, next day I bought it for my ps3.

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    Default It's out!!
    I noticed last night GMT that it was released. Got it and played with it for an hour or so.

    Initial response.... Polished looking but is a bit buggy. Nice game but not as good as i was hoping for. Nonetheless, great adventure/action 3D game with the potential to be great after a few software revisions.

    IMHO 7/10

    Played some more and have to correct my initial impressions....Fanatastic. Great gameplay, graphics and story line (incl voice overs etc). Very varied gameplay and a vast improvement over the HoS offering, which incidentally was my fav adventure/action game on the iPhone till now.

    Very Pleased indeed. Kudos to Gameloft. 9.5/10
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    Quote Originally Posted by sziklassy View Post
    Yeah, this would be cool, but only in our wildest dreams will this ever happen. I don't think nintendo has done any games for any console aside from their own ever since the famicom.
    Zelda, Mario, and Tetris (they were the exclusive license-holder for Tetris back then) all came to the Philips CD-i, but that was a fluke. OTOH, Mario edutainment titles, Pokemon print studios, and other such things have made it to the PC and there are a few Tamagotchi-style Pokemon dedicated LCD hand-held games (Nintendo would argue that they are "Nintendo Game & Watch-style handheld LCD games ).

    If Nintendo truly does not see Apple as a competitor, I don't see why they can't make some apps like an official Pokedex. Of course, they'd rather you buy a Nintendo DSi and get it on their new app store.

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    I can't play the embedded video! Why???

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