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  • Astros

    5 0.93%
  • Black Darkness

    18 3.35%
  • Blue Triangle

    3 0.56%
  • British Theme 1

    1 0.19%
  • Chromatic Neon

    49 9.12%
  • Classic Techno

    2 0.37%
  • Empire Theme

    10 1.86%
  • Engraved

    10 1.86%
  • Fat Thumbs

    4 0.74%
  • GTA

    0 0%
  • GTA2

    1 0.19%
  • iNav Beta 1.0

    213 39.66%
  • iNinja

    112 20.86%
  • iPhone Nano

    17 3.17%
  • Jarrod's Theme

    2 0.37%
  • Landscape Vista

    8 1.49%
  • Las Vegas

    2 0.37%
  • Mac OSX

    11 2.05%
  • MattLeon

    5 0.93%
  • Mushroom

    17 3.17%
  • Orangewave

    4 0.74%
  • Post-it

    3 0.56%
  • QOS

    1 0.19%
  • Redbull

    1 0.19%
  • Resident Evil Maximum

    8 1.49%
  • Sunny

    6 1.12%
  • WiFi Batman

    13 2.42%
  • Wilcox iPhone Theme

    11 2.05%
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Your favorite Apple, iPhone, iPad, iOS, Jailbreak, and Cydia site.

Thread: Check out the Themes. Install. Enjoy. Vote. MMi Theming Contest

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    Quote Originally Posted by him121213 View Post
    just get them here until the repo stabalizes
    For some reason my laptops being weird with the zip folders, it won't extract any theme I download.

    Works fine extracting other folders tho

    I am supposed to exract the files??

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    All i want to do is vote for Buuf2-

    but some of these are very nice- and the strange ones are awesome- but i just like my own modification of buuf2-
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    What's Jailbreak?
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    I voted for Chromatic Neon, love that theme. Is there anyplace we can request icon's for it?

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    rel1215, subywrex, jayteez, what the hell?

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    ininja and inav are by far the best. anyway they can both win?

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    ive noticed that iNav Beta and BlackDarkness do not display the download count in cydia. is that normal or is there a problem?

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    Why isn't engraved one of the top themes? I like it a lot

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    not sure which theme did it but caused a problem with my phone to where my phone app was crashing whenever i went to try to make a phone call, just giving a heads up I uninstalled all the new ones and did a restore and a restart

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    iNav is obviously the best theme in a long time A++, transformed my phone

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    wish you could have made it a little to check out.... but never the less there is some very good ones and some very bad ones.

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    I keep getting a size mismatch every time I try to install ininja.

    What's up with that?

    Thank in advance!

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    ^^^were trying to work that one out right now

    also...why has this turned into a fight? these are themes for hells sake. everyone needs to take it easy....really. its a theme for a phone.

    i just wanted to also comment on everyones work here. i think EVERYONE did a wonderful job with the ability they have. a theme should not be based of someones ability to use photoshop or where they got their ideas from. its how well they bring everything together in the end

    Great job guys!
    The beatings will continue until morale improves.

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    Hi, guys, anyone who wants to make a request for any icons can do so by sending me an e-mail on [email protected]. An update will be released in the short period of time possible and will include a whole new bunch of icons and other UI features, including dialer, sms and keyboard mainly. N.B. : This is not intended to increase votes but to make people aware of this as they're asking on the forum and by e-mail. Thanks for the support. I appreciate.

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    brett k (2009-03-23)

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    Wait a second. Isn't Black Darkness really the theme iGlass Sol with a different background? That isn't original work which was required for the contest is it?

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    All of them look good however iNav has taken it to the next level....
    Thinking outside the box!

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    I may get it for this, but Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo stick I've got to wonder how old some of the people making these silly comments are?!?

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    Oh wait. Those icons on Black Darkness aren't from iGlass Sol but I've seen them from another very popular theme on cydia. Is that allowed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by deadtom View Post
    Oh wait. Those icons on Black Darkness aren't from iGlass Sol but I've seen them from another very popular theme on cydia. Is that allowed?
    Shhhhh!!! You must be quiet. We don't want anyone knowing about it. Besides its too late in the competition. Nothing will get done.

    Ps. Incase youre wondering which theme he is talking about he is talking about none other than the great toffeenut's DEEP theme. Heres a link.
    Surprised no one else caught this. Especially when the originals look better. LOL!
    Last edited by Loumorep; 2009-03-23 at 07:51 PM.

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    Ah... well, that will be disqualified then. Thanks for the tip.

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