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Thread: Element Case, BULK Now Classier! (Giveaway Inside!)

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    E- I need a new case so please pick me, I have a iPhone 3G.

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    E- Whoah, that is some really good looking case.

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    E- These look nice, maybe a bit thick, but very stylish.

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    E-That looks great I've been looking for a way to snazzy up my 3G

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    E- I would love a rugged case like this! They look great/feel great/ ARE great!
    i LOVE apple.

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    Default E-anything
    E- Any thing you would like to say about the case"THE CASE LOOKS VERY DURABLE!!! i desperatly need a case like this. i am constantly dropping my iPhone 2G on the ground wether it be cement, carpet, hardwood floor. i would hate to see the day when it breaks

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    E - This is Something i REALLY is So AMAZING! The graphics makes any iPhone the "sickest" iPhone out there.

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    E- This is by far one of the best looking, well designed, and plain astonishing iPhone cases out there. Its a simple design, just held together by a few screws, but the magnetic flip lid is a work of art that really complements the case. Good luck everyone =D

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    E- Looks sturdy and reliable for work.. plus looks way cool

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    E- Anything that cool deserves to be owned by me.(And it also might help me keep my iPhone safe.) :P

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    E - I could have done with one of these when I dropped my phone down the stairs... Although I have to say that all the colours that came up on the screen afterwords were pretty cool. Anyways, this looks like quite the savage case!

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    E - That thing is a tank...perfect for people like me that like to drop their iPhones multiple times a day.

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    E- here is another try for me to win something. This case looks tricked out and it seems that it will protect your phone really well.

    OLD INFO I forgot where to get this again. Link?

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    E- This is coolest case in the World!!!
    My wife dropped her i phone in toilet few weeks ago so i was needed go and get another one for her because of it was birthday Present!!!
    She had 2g BUT Now she got 3G so it would be great gift For Her!!!
    And maybe next time this case Will protect Iphone from my Wife or water
    Hope i will win.

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    E-If I'm going to protect my phone, it might as well be protected with the best available. I only wish that I could afford one of these amazing cases!

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    Default E-I want one!!!
    E-Wouldn't mind getting one but for the price. Too much.If it's below 50 bucks I would think about it. Looks nice though.
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    Default E-I want one
    E-mazing the case look really well built. I really need this case the sides get scratched up really bad.

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    Default E-
    E- Awesome, a case i can put my iphone in and not be worried about the exposed parts! I'd love to win this for my iPhone, looks AMAZING!

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    good luck to everyone

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