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Thread: First Look: Purchasing from the Cydia Store

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    No DRM no security.

    Check here for a step by step guide on how to purchase and install Application from Sauriks cydia store.

    Cydia Store is Open Now | How to Purchase / Install App From Cydia Store. | iHackintosh
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    Quote Originally Posted by smirkis View Post
    meh, seems kinda cool. but if i wanted to pay for apps, i wouldn't even jailbreak at all.
    Alright... pet peeve, gotta say it out loud. I have always thought, and always will, that this was pretty much the lamest thing I've ever heard, and I see so many people say it. The purpose of jailbreaking has NOTHING to do with STEALING. It is to gain full access to a device you already purchased, and to be able to do things on it that it should be able to do out of the box anyway - like custom themes, video, tethering, MMS, turn by turn GPS, etc.

    Stealing is juvenile. The market evens itself out. Some folks like to donate hundreds of hours of work for no charge, some folks want a buck back for the hard work and experience it took them to make an app/package. I don't see anyone writing long essays about why going to a movie theater should always be free... why is software different?

    Or that I shouldn't pay for an Alpine deck purely because Cadillac didn't make it? Or sell it in the actual dealership? Where's the logic there?

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    At least iphone software is CHEAP.

    Wanna complain, check out software for a blackberry or WinMobile device......much higher priced.

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    Amazing how the people who can spell and put sentences together properly always have the most intelligent opinions.

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    I'm with PF.
    Don't compare AppStore to Cydia.

    The AppStore has crippled itself by adding stuck stringent guidelines.

    Hopefully this will attract serious App-Developers.
    Like TomTom.

    <b>Cydia needs to Push these downloaded apps into iTune backups.</b> So it all our App's settings and configs are stored, even thru Updates/Restores. As soon as Jailbroken, Cydia Auto-Downloads all Apps, Repos, Themes etc. Like AptBackup. But built into Cydia. - Easily create your own Cydia Repo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by carlbgc View Post
    Amazing how the people who can spell and put sentences together properly always have the most intelligent opinions.
    wel i tink dat dis stor iz a gud eydea coz it gives uppurtunitee to let devs get wel desurved munies for the appz that appul dont axcept.

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    edit: ^^ hahaha nice but i think u misspelled eyedeyahz.

    how about providing a 10 day or 30 day trial version of the app before actually purchasing them. and after the trial days are over, you cant use the app at all. just a thought. if one really likes the app, them they would have to purchase it unless its free. also for the themes, i dont see why put a price on them when one can just invest in time to making them and installing it themselves. but then again, there are people who would like to take the easy way and just install it without investing their time to making themes. just my .02 cents.

    OLD INFO I forgot where to get this again. Link?

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    Does this mean that cydia is going all capitalist on us?

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    this is great... i just hope an open source community can thrive in a pay per app jailbreak marketplace

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    I see one of two things happening:
    1.) This thing totally fails and Apple laughs/wins


    2.) This thing kicks off, Apple lifts tons of crazy restrictions to pull this end of income to their own which results in Apple laughing and winning.

    At the end of the day I see this as a catalyst to better official goodies from Apple
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluemetal View Post
    You don`t need a US-Adress, it works here in Germany with my Account for the German Amazon-Shop !!!! So it should work in any country with Amazon shops.
    I'm in the UK and used my Amazon UK account - I didn't even think it might be US only. I probably should have mentioned so thanks for doing so.

    The other thing I didn't mention was the fact that it aks for an authorisation limit, so I've authorised $10 even though this app was only $1 so hopefully it won't ask next time (provided it's less than $9 I'm spending!). We'll have to see how that works .
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    Gawd I hate how n00bs want to have everything free. Devs deserve $$. And geez!!! App Store != Cydia Store. App Store = Whatever Apple approves of. Cydia Store = Basically Anything goes. The latter is how it should be, let the public decide what should and shouldn't be in there through $$. If no one buys App X, then App X probably won't be around too long. Also, let us realize that just because the Cydia Store has launched, not all apps will suddenly cost money. And big deal if you have to take 5 minutes to buy an app. If you can't take 5 minutes, then restore and stay in jail...

    /Rant {My Apologies}

    I am very intrigued by the Cydia Store. It will be great for devs, they deserve compensation for their hard work. Imagine, like another user said, if xGPS was a paid app. I bet the devs would work a lot harder on the updates. I would gladly pay $5 for it, just like I'd gladly pay for winterboard, SBSettings, notifier, etc. Saurik is a freakin' genious I tells ya! Great work dude.
    And it will be like a taco inside a taco within a Taco Bell that's inside a KFC that's within a mall that's inside your dream!

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    first of all let me say, that I too, purchased with a german amazon account, so you do NOT need an us account.

    secondly, I puchased cyntact. it was totally worth the buck and it took me like 5 minutes. I mean, you simply need two logins, that's that - no big deal.

    thridly, has anyone got a clue why you need to login with your facebook/google account? if you pay through your amazon account why isn't your amazon account simply tied to your device or something? would make things easier and require less logins, I didn't really get what facebook had to do with it all.

    anyway: it's cool, but I hope only people who really put efford in their apps and tested them very well will make us pay. there is enough crap on the appStore that costs money, we don't need that in cydia.
    cyntacts for example works 100% well, is a nice feature - was worth the money.

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    I bought Cyntacts last night and it went smooth. I would like though to see paypal payment. I would feel much more secure as I'm not familiar with those too methods.
    But I'm willing to pay when an app is worth it.

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    Oh yeah, how much is linux or firefox? oh ya its fr33! It feels like the coommunist took over or something or maybe its Nazi-Microsoft.

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    Default "if its not broken , don't fix it"
    Now this basically leaves apple no choice but to take full take action against all the jailbreak community. What a bad Idea,Cydia will run fo 6 months and make billions then shut down . then were right back to were we started, Pay Apple for apps.

    "if its not broken , don't fix it"

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    So like, people should really lay off the flames. I come in and try to read posts about the topic, and I constantly see people just laying it to others for voicing their opinion. On issues like this, you're going to have many different opinions, and there is no right one. So just gives yours, and then stfu.

    The store is a good idea, and the first step in a greater direction. Apple will either take a lesson from Cydia and start changing their rules a bit, or they will.... Shut Cydia down with their big ritzy expensive lawyers. :P

    Quote Originally Posted by BlackWolf View Post
    thridly, has anyone got a clue why you need to login with your facebook/google account? if you pay through your amazon account why isn't your amazon account simply tied to your device or something? would make things easier and require less logins, I didn't really get what facebook had to do with it all.
    I think it's because your facebook or google account will be your master account, and then for future provisions, you can have many different payment options tied to it. Prevents the clutter, I suppose.
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    Dam profit makers... the actualy are like Hoits2000 said - "It feels like the coommunist took over or something or maybe its Nazi-Microsoft"

    Grrr hope u all get cancer and u take this money to pay the bills for your medic expense! Now take that 1$ and shove it up urs...
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    Apples not going to change any rules. The will if it works for them.
    The have a loyal market and they know their not going anywhere.
    Only lesson they will learn from Cydia is how to avoid the vulnerbalities
    on their products.

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    There are way too many people here that are just sad,I bet it's all these immature kids or w/e. FFS stop moaning about the price of mods and themes.

    If you don't want to pay for something, instead of moaning, go make it yourself. Simple as that.

    @sale666 What are you on about?? Are you being sarcastic or just greedy?
    OMFG, if you don't want to pay, then don't buy it! It's not hard!!!!!
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