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Thread: Did You Leave Verizon for the iPhone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by confucious View Post
    The reason Verizon has such a poor choice of phones is because of their proprietary systems - phones have to be made just for them.
    I know you guys in America probably don't realise this but there is a world outside of the USofA and 90% of it uses GSM
    Left Verizion 20+ years ago when I started traveling overseas. It was then I saw a whole new mobile world. Realized GSM was king because of it's world-wide adoption and flexibility. CDMA might technically be superior, but GSM wins the long haul.

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    i hope verizon never gets the iphone

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockjohn View Post
    i hope verizon never gets the iphone
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.

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    Verizon is only 2nd-guessing their choice now?! 'tards-

    I left the Big V as fast as I could to get the iPhone. Even had complications with Verizon where they wanted to charge me early termination fee before I closed the account. After talking with V reps, I got them to waive the fee.

    Me: I didn't close the account, I was never told porting the number out cancels the account. I want to undo the port for one week until my contract rides out, then I will cancel.

    V: So you're going to undo the number port for one week, then cancel after that?

    Me: Yes, I want to use the iPhone. You guys don't offer that.

    V: We have the LG blah-blah, it's quite good.

    Me: I know what you have, and what you don't have - most importantly, the iPhone. I'm sorry I'm leaving, service was decent - but Verizon made a really bad choice some months ago.

    V: Ok, I understand, I'll waive your fee

    Me: Thanks!!

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    I wanted an iPhone since it first came out, but I didn't want to leave Verizon's service for AT&T because I was too worried about the service. As soon as the 3G came out, I started doing some research and I was watering at the mouth for an iPhone. Two months after the iPhone 3G came out I paid the early termination fee to end my contract with Verizon and I got the iPhone 3G.

    I agree with the comment about AT&T has great phones while Verizon has good service, and if the iPhone ever does come out on the Verizon network I'll be switching back over to Verizon. Most of my friends have Verizon and I've had to pay more for minutes on AT&T because I don't know too many people that have AT&T. I haven't really had many problems with AT&T's service except with the 3G, it is flaky sometimes and the iPhone still doesn't handle the switch perfectly. It is a pain sometimes when I have to manually switch to Edge because the iPhone is holding onto a bad 3G signal.

    I like how Verizon will transfer you to the loss prevention and say that the Storm is a great option, WHAT!?! A couple of my friends have the storm and it is pathetic! The clicking screen is not only horrible, at least in my opinion, but everything in the Storm is soooo slow. It is not only slow scrolling through the menu, but it is slow loading everything on there. Maybe I haven't used an updated one or anything, but Blackberry better be working on that or putting in some serious time on the next one they'll be coming out with later this year (it won't have the stupid clicking screen either).

    Ever since I've used the iPhone I love it, about 10 people I know got one shortly after me because they loved mine and wanted one too.

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    I left verizon for the iPhone and my service overall with at&t has been WAY better.

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    I wonder if Verizon had any exclusivity arrangements with other manufacturers that played into their decision? I'm squarely in the category of those who left solely for the iPhone. And I'm glad I did.

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    I believe the main reason why Verizon declined the iPhone is because Apple wanted too much control over it and Verizon didn't like that. I also think Apple wanted too much money and Verizon of course thinking they are the gods of cell phone service didn't think they needed to bend for anyone, sound like anyone that makes a device that starts with i, ends with e, and has phon in the middle?

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    Not only did I leave Verizon for an iPhone, I took 7 lines with me. Paid etf's on 4 of them. Now I have 5 iPhones (1 for each family member, including my 5 year old daughter.) and an additional family plan with 2 regular phones for Mom and Dad. Verizon do you think you made a mistake? Seeming how I alone pay AT&T almost $400/ month. Sorry for ranting, I just hate Verizons phone selection, but I did and still do love their service and customer service. Want me back just pick up the iphone big red. I was one of the people that contributed to their reason for leaving survey and I left them a message at the end expressing my thoughts.

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    i was a bit disapointed with the way AT&T rolled out the 3g towers. should have been smoother. although when i left verizon for the iphone, the day the 3g came out, i was much happier to have the iphone that i was upset with the service. of course, all the kinks have been fixed now and i am totally happy. although i completly forgot to pay my cancellation fee to verizon and i just got a letter in the mail. . . OOOOPPPSSSS

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    My mom has Verizon but I always had AT&T, When we went to a Verizon store to pay her bill, I was checking my e-mail on my iphone and he was explaining something to my mom and pointed at my 16GB black 3G beauty and said "That is why we're loosing so many customers" I chuckled...

    My mom is going with AT&T this year when the contract is up also...

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    ATT offered me a bigger discount, better customer support, and the iPhone.

    When Verizon raised their service fees I used that window to get out of my contract for free. Used a older ATT phone until the iPhone came out and have loved ATT since.

    I travel a lot and never had a problem with ATT's service.

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    I could not get off of verizon fast enough! Granted they do have the best phone reception service I've ever had, they also had the WORST customer and billing service I've ever had!

    I can not count how many times our bill was wrong, and to high... And then when I would call to correct the situation, I felt like I was talking to a training room filled with high-school students. It was pathetic to say the least.

    So I would have switched off verizon anyway but it just so happened that the iPhone was waiting for me and my wife on the other side..: )

    P.S. I hate Verizon.

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    i had att and then switched to verizon because i was sick of att lack of cutting edge phones. Also i was just ready to try something else.. once i got verizon i noticed i didnt get very good service indoors, actually in my own house (which i get 3g in with att) i got zero servise. I was willing to stick it through cause i loved my palm treo, but then heard about the iphone did some research about it and switched back to att months before the iphone was even released.

    if the iphone would have been released to verizon i probaboly would have stayed with verizon, even though i felt there service to be shotty and unsable.

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    i switched off the verizon death star to the cingular/AT&T deathstar because Verizon employees, whether in customer support or billing, are the *worst ever* and they pawn off horrible flimsy product on people.

    also, i was referred to collections over a porting issue after i switched over. they charged me a fee for being a day early in porting my number, which was their mistake and which they admitted was their mistake, and i still had incredibly mean collections people calling me. i've never been as mad about a company's treatment of me as i was with verizon.

    whether the iphone existed or not, verizon would be a sucky option.

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    I left Verizon for AT&T as well. They tried charging me a $70 early termination fee because they said I could upgrade to a new phone on September (for example). I took that as my contract expiring on that date. Apparantly they let you upgrade and re-sign another 2 year contract 2 months prior to your contract ending. Complained and they waived it.

    If Verizon offered the iPhone AND the new feature of calling 10 numbers without using your minutes then I would go back. Granted the monthly price is cheaper of course....

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    Verizon got owned. How could they refuse the iPhone!? Dont need to explain how the iPhone owns.

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    It took verizon this long to start their own poll? Hmmm maybe they should fire the guy in charge of marketing and hire me instead...

    Quote Originally Posted by StevenB View Post
    I left Verizon for AT&T as well. They tried charging me a $70 early termination fee because they said I could upgrade to a new phone on September (for example). I took that as my contract expiring on that date. Apparantly they let you upgrade and re-sign another 2 year contract 2 months prior to your contract ending. Complained and they waived it.

    If Verizon offered the iPhone AND the new feature of calling 10 numbers without using your minutes then I would go back. Granted the monthly price is cheaper of course....
    Wait, ATT lets you call 10 numbers without using your minutes? or are you referring to another carrier?
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    I laugh everytime my co-worker tries to get on Verizon's so called 3G network but can't, right at his desk in Washington, DC. I have a strong 5 bar 3G signal standing right next to him, he's sooo pissed. We even raced to see who could pull up a simpe webpage. I beat him everytime, by at least 25 seconds.. He's got that Blackberry Storm. It doesn't even have wi-fi. "CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW??" LMAO....
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    I loved my voyager for messaging, text and MMS. the camera was much better than the iPhone.

    Coverage is better with ATT in my area.

    Verizon has a numbe of places I can go to have my phone repaired that are convenient. ATT has a store 10 miles away but takes me 45 minutes fighting traffic all the way.

    I paid $109 for verizon 3 phones, $150 for ATT 3 phones.

    Verizon doesn't set there phone up in such a manner that if you hit the wrong button you get charged for internet access.

    Verizon, other than the iPhone, has a better selection of phones.

    Customer service from Verizon , cough cough, is much better than ATT.

    For me, and I hate Verizon, if verizon obtained the iphone I would have no issues paying whatever fees to ATT to switch back.

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