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Thread: Book Review: iPhone in Action (Giveaway Inside)

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    iPhone in Action would help me... in various ways, I've recently began looking into developement on the iPhone platform and have taken the first steps into the world of Obj-C, I essentially want to create an application that will be useful for myself as well as others. iPhone in Action would be a large stepping stone in the process of learning to do so. ^_~

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    iPhone in Action would help me . . . become the next millionaire?

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    iPhone in Action would help me give a head-start to my job hunt. iPhone application development makes a powerful addition to the resume. It will definitely enable me fuel my passion for iPhone app development! Thanks for the opportunity guys!
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    iPhone in Action would help me continue my SDK developing skills and introduce me to the exciting world of web app development that I have been so curious about

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    "iPhone in Action would help me . . ."

    I'd like to dive into the iPhone app development. Wishing good luck to me.

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    "iPhone in Action would help me . . ."

    finally give me a booster charge to start on developing cool and exciting apps

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    "iPhone in Action would help me . . ."

    with moving my web apps to iPhone platform and would boost up my SDK skills.

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    "iPhone in Action would help me . . ."

    Because I'm a junior in high school planning on entering a field in computer science. Right now, I'm teaching myself C++ from a book in my spare time.

    I love iPhone. Mine has been jailbroken since 1.1.4 and modding it has been my favorite hobby for over a year.

    I feel that learning to develop good native and web-based applications would be the perfect link between my passion and my future career. This book would help me not only become better with iPhone, but it would also make me a better programmer in general.

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    "iPhone in Action would help me . . ."

    Because I need all the help I can get with programming on the iPhone/iPod Touch. Each thing I read helps a bit more since it offers just a slightly different perspective than another one.

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    Default "iPhone in Action would help me . . ."
    I am dying to port one of my apps to the iPhone/iPod Touch and I think this book would be a great help in starting out before I hit the nitty-gritty. And my app would be free, gloriously free.

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    "iPhone in Action would help me . . ."
    pass the time by making apps instead of sleeping lol ^^

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    Giveaway closed. Post #'s 15, 25, 41, and 50 expect a pm from me whenever I'm back up and running (soon) asking for shipping details etc -- unless you posted that you didn't want this book and I'll pick some other #

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