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Thread: Book Review: iPhone in Action (Giveaway Inside)

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    iPhone in Action would help me . . .

    ... level my desk... one of the legs is a tad short (kidding )

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    iPhone in Action would help me...
    create some really nice apps that have been sitting in my head for awhile
    Please give me a if I help you out.

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    iPhone in Action would help me become an assembly of iPhone Apps (as well as becoming a guru of Apple's poorly documented iPhone SDK)!

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    "iPhone in Action would help me . . ."

    I have so any great ideas!!!
    8GB Apple iPhone

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    "iPhone in Action would help me . . ." create great apps on the iPhone that I could share with everyone, take hints/ideas from other users on what they would like to see on the iPhone, and aid me in the right direction of actually getting it done to benefit not myself with money or anything but everyone else: the iPhone dev. community! If I can get a solid handle and way around iPhone coding I can strive to bring the users anything/everything they want to see on the iPhone simply because I love coding and developing!

    I just need to learn a bit more Obj-C (I'm a java guy) and how the programs are laid out, and I can and WILL make seriously awesome apps for free that everyone will love.

    Please help me out!!!
    i LOVE apple.

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    Default "iPhone in Action would help me . . ."
    "iPhone in Action would help me . . ."
    Start programming some apps.
    Been interested in doing this lately and it would be awesome to get this book!

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    "iphone in action would help me..."

    well ive been trying to learn obj-c for a little while now. im in a class for it. this book would be a great help!

    and if anyone wants the basics check here

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    "iPhone in Action would help me . . ."

    so i can mke apps for cydia n keep the jb community strong

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    "iPhone in Action would help me . . ."

    Well i was planning create some apps for the iPhone.

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    Default "iPhone in Action would help me . . ."
    "iPhone in Action would help me . . ." build and port applications that are available on other platforms as well as new apps for VoIP.

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    "iPhone in Action wouldn't help me . . ."
    because I'm not a developer. Hope this goes to someone who will make use of it.
    Nice to see another givaway - even if it is of no use to me.
    Good luck to all you developers!
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.

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    "iPhone in Action would help me . . ."

    I'm going to school for Software Development and would love to learn how to create apps for the iPhone. It would be a good stepping stone to get started. Thanks.

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    "iPhone in Action would help me . . ."
    Iphone in action would help me develop iphone applications so that i can make millions soon!

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    "iPhone in Action would help me . . ."

    get closer to my iPhone.., and to the community !

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    "iPhone in Action would help me . . ."
    with my very limited knowlege of software programming and developing. I plan on pursuing a career in computer science and am going into a computer science and mathematics program next year in college. So excited and I'm sure this book will be an awesome book to own. iPhone+programming=awesomeness...Thanks for the opportunity!!

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    iPhone in Action would help me because i am trying to get a start on developing for the iPhone/iPod touch. i have read a bit of this book at barnes and nobile and its a great book, but i dont have the money to purchase it. i was going to torrent it but i dont believe in piracy.
    If i helped hit Thanks!

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    Default "iPhone in Action would help me..."
    "iPhone in Action would help me..."

    because I really want to start developing some apps

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    iPhone in Action would help me buying a new macbook, because i am thinking atm about buying a new macbook, if i win this book, i will do this. I always wanted to program sth for the iPhone.

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    "iPhone in Action would help me . . ."

    It would help me put what I know to the test and actually attempt to create what I or other would like to use 'mobiley'.

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    "iPhone in Action would help me ..." in achieving my life's purpose: To obtain a toilet seat made of solid gold.

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