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Thread: Cydia, Mozilla, Skype and Others Join EFF in Jailbreak Fight

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    we're rallying the troops now. Apple doesn't want its own army of followers to turn against it. It would be the People's Computer anymore. MAC and PC would be trading places, and we'd all go to treos!

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    Default Wake Up Apple
    Wake up Apple, before tuning in to rotten Apple.

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    I have been a PC user and now a Mac user and there is no way in H**L that I would ever go back to using a PC again.... No Way!

    But I think this is a great thing that these companies are doing... we need all the help we can get.... and I will agree with a few others.... since Steve is out others in there are trying to get big heads? Thinking like this shows me no brains!

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    How come apple selling its operating system exclusively with its hardware and locking users into using by force of law is ok, while Microsoft is in so much antitrust troubles because it includes just a single application, which users allowed to ditch???

    Feck Apple and their high horse.

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    bump up

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    Anyway.... maybe (unlikely I hope) they win in USA.
    There are a number of other countries in the world ;-))

    Where either:

    a) it would not be possible to make JB unlawful
    b) it actually IS unlawful to make both JB and unlock unlawful ie OZ and NZ and others where iP is unlocked due to consumer protection and competition laws..

    Like a lot of posters, I have a number of PCs and a macbook - I would *seriously* think twice about either a new mac or a phone from them.

    I have an HTC TyTN2 and would seriously look Android or HTC again to replace the iP 3G.

    Apple are being stupid....

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    Apple doesn't have any right to lock us one to one carrier. Apple is in **** now cos these companies are gonna bring them down.The only reason they think jailbreaking is illegal is cos of "cracked Apps".

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