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Thread: Fabrix Cases- Handmade iPhone 3G Pouches (Giveaway Inside!)

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    F-Sneakers head case? nice i'm dumping my parra incase
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    F- my view about the case
    I think this case is sweet and would love to win one!

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    These are cool. I was looking for a pouch to put the iphone in - to augment the air support jacket. I ordered one. Let's see how long it takes to arrive. FYI - that eshauna - that would definitely be a watercooler conversation piece at the office. Debbie does... Haha.

    Also, while using the "modmyi" coupon gets you a 10% discount, using their coupon code "bundledjoy" will save you $5 per item ordered. With shipping, total cost was a little under $20.

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    F - Very good looking, lots of color and a nice contemporary style.

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    This case would let me use my phone as a tool to communicate in many different languages. So I can steal Sayam's girlfriend. =P

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    F- This sleeve would go great on with my new Bodyguardz. Glad I got rid of my Slider case it was hiding my iPhone's sexyness

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    F- "It is great! So colorful. Reminds me of Japan for some odd reason"

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    F- This case seems very genuine, a smooth look and feel. It seems like it wont be getting stuck in my pocket like most of the rubber ones do. I'm going to check it out more.
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    F- very attracting case to show iphone is more than just a phone..
    great for my iphone, because it doesn't hold the heat as a plastic or silicon case.
    no damage to my iphone and not sticky.
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    F - I'm lazy and want one. I don't care about the rest of your needs right now - I want this damn case.

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    Default F
    F- Real retro and hip It looks like the cloth could clean the iphone while it's in the pouch in your pocket it would be awesome to win one of these

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    F- I want in looks like a cool accessory

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    F -
    I got to say, that for an iPhone 2G holder, 3G has better cases than us. Not only is this a thinner, and intuitively made case, but the design on the brand of case makes the iPhone look better. If your look at my case, my case makes the iPhone a huge block of blackness.And is not very Appealing.
    Now Just imagine showing your friends this case; the case makes the apparel/appearance of the iPhone just so much better. It makes ur friends like WHOA! What is that case? DANG dude, let me see your phone?

    It is diferrent. Something that people want. And something that an iPhone 2G holder would definily need as a replacement of those bricks of cases Apple has at their store.

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    F- this case makes every other case look dull.. it's original, fun, practic and colorfull, just what i've been looking for. Want one.. now!

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    F-it might as well make (one of, if not) my first post here an entry for one of these F-ing cool cases!!

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    Default F- your views about the case
    F - it certainly looks different!
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    F- Looks like a really good lookin' pouch. Hope whoever wins it deserves it. I hope I win it too (:

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    Quote Originally Posted by wsupitstonyy View Post
    Hope whoever wins it deserves it.
    I hope not!

    I want to win it and I don't deserve it
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.

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    F- your views about the case..
    Dude this case looks so good.
    Hand made too!
    Hope i win!!!?!?!

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    F- Eyecatching, yet classic. The design and colors adds life and excitement to the boring look that iPhone has been having since forever, that no other case could match up. This one is a new experiment. I am kinda dissappointed that I don't find two more popular language, Arabic and Farsi.
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