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Thread: Lock Screen Alerts and Home Screen App Prefs in Apple Patents

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    Default cool
    thats really cool if i can set up my applications load a pre selected volume or other staff i think the best way to do this is to hold the application icon till starts moving around just when you see the delete icon in the left corner of the application now should be two the delete icon in the left top corner and the info icon in the lower right corner

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    Actually, Apple's patent looks nothing like the inherent functionality of Intelliscreen. The basic concepts are there but concepts cannot be patented, only true application of the concepts. I think Intelliborn will weather this just fine. It is the BEST app ever to be released for the iPhone - for all of us information junkies! I use it every time I unlock my iPhone and get the Lock screen and it saves me from opening mail, opening safari, opening Sportstap or Sportacular, etc...

    The remainder of the patent looks interesting with the application setting option. I don't know how intuitive this would be for the average user. Apple may have to publish a guide (book) similar to all of the Windows Mobile phones as this functionality increases. The intuitiveness built into their product WILL require a bit of reading to figure it all out. The ModMyi community is but a fraction of the users of the iPhone and as you read many posts, there are hundreds just on this forum that do not have a clue how to even use the most rudimentary aspects of the iPhone!
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    they could also make just one "I" in the bottom right corner of the screen. Maybe the same row as the page dots, and have it permanent on every page. Then just hit that one "I" and all the "I"'s popup on all the apps. It would be ugly. And just one click.

    Just my thoughts...

    ^^^^^ *edit: it wouldn't be ugly. ( no edit post button on the iPhone friendly version of mmi)
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    Thats a gud idea but if u talking abt the intelliscreen thts just a bug nothing else it's drain ur bettery in half hour
    Application Preferences on Homescreen

    A patent filed by Apple hints to the possibility of individual preferences/settings for applications directly from the home screen instead of the current messy system of having to open up the app to change prefs or having to browse through the settings app menus to access preferences. The current system is a bit of a mess and I personally do not like app prefs being in the settings app at all.

    "The user interface has a plurality of application icons. In response to a first gesture, the GUI changes the appearances of the application icons whose corresponding applications have user-adjustable settings," the filing explains. "In response to a second gesture on a selected application icon whose appearance is changed, the GUI displays user-adjustable settings of an application that corresponds to the selected application icon. In response to one or more additional gestures, the GUI changes one or more user-adjustable settings of the application that corresponds to the selected application icon."

    From the patent diagram above it appears that Apple is thinking the plan is to put an "i" icon on the applications to open the settings from the home screen allowing settings to be easily accessed instead of having to browse through the menus. This system has been used before by Apple for Widgets. Not familiar with widgets? I made up a quick little image of what the system could look like if implemented.

    LockScreen Advanced Notification

    Apple also has a patent filed that looks a whole like IntelliScreen which is currently only available for jailbroken phones.

    Apple could be planning on implementing this more advanced notification system for alerts like voicemail, email, text and possibly more on the lock screen. Further advances could be notifications that remain after the screen is unlocked so you don't have to rely on your memory to remember what notification you unlocked your phone for. Their patent also looks to cover buttons on the homescreen to take you directly to the notifications instead of unlocking your phone and making your way through the menus.

    "In response to detecting an interaction by a user with the device, the plurality of icons display notification information for the plurality of communication modalities," the filing explains. "In response to detecting an unlock interaction by the user with the device, the device is unlocked, and a communication in the plurality of communications is presented that was received while the device was in the locked state, or information about the communication is presented."

    Please remember the above to patents outline things that we could see on the iPhone. The patents do not mean that these features (while many of us would enjoy them ) are coming. It's up to Apple ---- or neat Apps like IntelliScreen

    [via appleinsider][/QUOTE]

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    so there is an upcoming firmware coming out soon

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    MMS, copy & paste, and video recording dammit! And why can't these be released as apps in the appstore? I would love to have MMS and SMS in the same app as well as Camera and Video recording in the same app though.

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    the getsure in question to make the "i" appear on the icon is says "slide up on the icon" and then a finger tap <--- the tap probably being to touch the target "i" so...touch icon, without removeing your finger slide up on the icon...BAM "i" appears...then tap "i" and into the preferences you go....but there is a copy and paste....or wasnt there a copy pretty sure there once was a copy paste...but then again with this 2.1 garbarge 3g and the new cydia/installers not having any repos or apps worth the battery they use to run who knows anymore....i miss the good old days or 1.1.2 that was the best time ever....

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