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Thread: Review: Star Wars The Force Unleashed (iPhone)

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    [QUOTE=bschucher;2204481]Way to support software development.. STEAL IT very nice [/QUOT
    no its not called stealing it its called TRY BEFORE U BUY same as all my apps on phone i bought through app store,have u ever bought something e.g game dvd etc.and then after playing,watching thought ..fek that wasnt worth 2c wish i never bothered,
    as somebody stated somewhere else they should give u a trial version so u can decide if you like or not then buy it

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    This really seems like more of a 'first look' than a review- what if the ending sucks, or if the gameplay gets worse after the first couple of levels?

    This is a great and very thorough write-up, but not (IMHO) a review.

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    I really like this game. Just beat level 3.

    Just so you all know, though. Touch Arcade sez ther's only 6 levels, which is pretty lame. Updates coming? Somehow I doubt it. Certainly not free ones.

    AAARRRGGG, use yer other powers, man.
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    iPhone? More like MyPhone
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    Default Wow talk about SHORT GAME
    Definitely not worth $10, and I've bought SPORE, Real Football 2009, Brain Challenge, Enigmo, Crash Kart and Asphalt 4 just to name a few games that cost $10.

    I played for a little over an hour and finished the entire story. Sure there might be a little replay value in the survivor mode but this is worth $6 at MOST.

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    This game KILLS my battery. 15 minutes of it got my phone down to 47% remaining...

    Not sure if the iPhone is the best gaming device just YET. =/

    But the game is fun as hell!


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    I think its a fun game and by someone saying its only 1 hour of gameplay its way not worth the high pricetag.
    If it is only 1 hour gameplay it should be called a demo. Well the 360 version is only about 4-5 hours of gameplay so the whole thing is really small no matter what console you play it on.

    Quote Originally Posted by Josephali View Post
    This game KILLS my battery. 15 minutes of it got my phone down to 47% remaining...

    Not sure if the iPhone is the best gaming device just YET. =/

    But the game is fun as hell!

    What firmware are you on? I heard 2.1 has a LOT of battery problems.

    I'm on 2.02 and yea, it does kill the battery but not that bad. I played it for about 30 mins and it dropped about 20%
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    I think that estimate depends on whether or not you consider cut-scenes to be game play. There's lots of cut-scenes. A MUST for Star Wars fans, but I imagine that others will be dissappointed.

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    The reason why graphics are so good is that the environment is pre-redenred. However I must say the iPhone is a beast in terms of processing power for a cellphone. Really impressive. I'm sure it will get even better in the near future. iPhone really is the godPhone.

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    Here's a video if some of you are unsure about buying it.

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