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Thread: PwnageTool & QuickPwn 2.1 Released - iTunes 8 Compatible

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    Quote Originally Posted by skizkit View Post
    Yes, you can simply click option+restore to choose a ipsw file having already pwned your device.
    I tried this on a pwned iPhone 3G, option+restore resulted in a 2001 error. iTunes then recognizes the iPhone as being in DFU mode, then clicked option+restore, selected the custom firmware and it worked. pwnage tells you at the end of creating your firmware to put your iPhone in DFU mode.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OPTICS View Post
    I'm 3G jailbroken 2.0.2, is it safe to do an official update to 2.1 through iTunes and then use QuickPwn?

    I also have 2.1 (via official update) and I'm downloading QuickPwn right now, i'll post updates and let you know how it turned out
    and pcuserforever: macs rule.

    UPDATE: It works likea charm, I had iPhone 3G 16GB with 2.1 official FW and i just quickPwned and it worked great, no problem, no app erasing no nothing, worked like a charm. Thanks a lot Dev Team.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tigermad View Post
    Dont the mac peeps always get it first?
    No, the last time us "poor" Windows users got it first.

    Makes you wonder if the Dev Team doesn't already have both sets and only release one at a time. Like Windows first one time, then Mac, then back to Windows, and again?
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    FYI - If you are Jailbroken 2.0.2 and updating to 2.1:make sure that if have app store apps in categories folders, remove the apps in categories before updating, otherwise the apps will be installed and you will not be apble to see\access them on 2.1.

    I'm restoring right now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sgt sm00th View Post
    FYI - If you are Jailbroken 2.0.2 and have app store apps in categories, remove the apps in categories before updating, otherwise the apps will be installed and you will not be apble to seeaccess them.

    I'm restoring right now.
    Oops! Ya I think this was already brought up in the other 2.1 thread, not to mention when you install categories it gives you that warning as well. That can be a dangerous little app.

    Anyways, this was a nice surprise to wake to but waiting on Windows Vers.

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    Lol its pretty straight forward guys... don't just hit restore button.. at the end of the pwnage tool it states close that app THEN ... PHYSICALLY enter restore mode (Press Home button and Power button together for 10 seconds, then it will fade and turn black - switch off... still holding the home and power button... then the apple logo will appear... the phone is powering up... at this stage imediently let go off the power button but yet STILL holding down on the home button...)

    It then will say in iTunes that you need to restore the iPhone etc etc... at this stage... THIS IS WHEN YOU HIT > ALT + CLICK on RESTORE and find your custom .ipsw firmware..

    It is as easy as A, B, C :mrgreen:

    I have successfully created custom firmware for 2.1 for iPhone 3G and now restored my data

    damm the signal for reception is SOLID!! however wifi doesn't want to show up for me.. stuck with 3G logo on the top... we shall see after a restore... hmm
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    Quote Originally Posted by pcuserforever View Post
    stereo, don't buy a mac, too much $$$$! hackintosh, dual boot XP. works perfectly..............leo4all!
    So you're saying I can install OSX on my PC and create a dual boot partition?

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    I second that, come on PWN for Windows!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bouzo View Post
    So you're saying I can install OSX on my PC and create a dual boot partition?
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    I went from pwnd 2.0.2 to pwnd 2.1 no problems everything worked, i even get better reception in my room

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    I think I just F'd up. I did an update using the Firmware that was posted in the first post. Everything went fine, but when my phone restarted, it would freeze and just vibrate every few seconds.

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    error 1600:
    i used itunes 7.7 to restore 2.0.1 on my 3g. phone came up with connect to itunes screen. i restored again to 2.0.1. when the phone came back up, i updated to 2.1. no problems. the new update works flawlessly!

    preparing to Quickpwn now on my hackintosh.....................

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    restored my 2g in itunes

    quickpwned it

    replaced mobileinstallation file and a couple fonts

    everything seems to be working fine

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    Restored then Updated 2.1 and jailbroke. Works like a champ.

    Dev team FTW

    I'm a 2G using iTunes 8

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    oh also did everything with itunes 8

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    Can someone please post links to 3g 2.1 custom firmware as I and lots of others are unlucky enough to be running Windows. So Please Please Please someone post links.

    Thanks in advance


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    Yea.. I'm breakin' down and buyin one today.

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    i have leopard running dual boot w/xp on a sony viao. works pretty well. some drivers missing (sound, video uses generic driver, but works well) explains everything in detail. i used leo4all.................

    took me a few days, i dont know much about macs, but i'm learning
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    Quote Originally Posted by SiLeNtKiLLa View Post
    I bet you by the time I get my hands on a copy of OSX (torrents maybe???) and go through the whole process, the windows version will be out before I'm done! But I guess it would be nice to have the dual boot for future situations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbqryan View Post
    restored my 2g in itunes

    quickpwned it

    replaced mobileinstallation file and a couple fonts

    everything seems to be working fine
    What does the mobileinstallation file do?

    By the way I have a 2g phone with pwned 2.0 firmware. Do I just update to 2.1 in itunes 8 (so it is unlocked but not jailbroken) then use quickpwn to jailbreak again? Does this keep all my apps intact?

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