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Thread: Iphone Firmware 2.1 - Grab it While It's Hot

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    That's cool, but i think i'm not going to update my Pwnage'd 2g iPhone till the Devs give us their word....
    although, iTunes is really getting on my nerves when i sinc my iPhone...
    does anyone else is having the same problem?
    it connects and disconnects many times while sincing... and keeps showing errors,
    really weard.

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    I just updated my wife's and my 2G iPhone (pwned to 2.0.2) to 2.1 via iTunes 8 on Mac OS X 10.5.4.

    Both retained unlocked and activated. I have no need for Cydia nor Installer at the moment.

    Thank's for everyone's input.

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    *waits patiently for 2G and 3G pwn*

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    I got my phone into dfu mode bc it was stuck on spinning wheel now it says it was unable to restore due to error 13. WTF!!!???

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    ok i upgraded my pwned 2.0.2 1st gen unlocked/activated, and it worked perfectly!

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    Quote Originally Posted by alirz View Post
    is there a baseband change in 2.1 for iphone 3G ?. the base baseband in 2.0.2 is 02.08.01.. what is it in 2.1 ?
    iPhone 3, FW 2.1 >> 02.11.07

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Answers to #s 1&2 are Yes.
    Do NOT use Restore
    Use Upgrade.
    You will loose 3rd prty installer etc...

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    im going to try it cant hurt... people need to take a leap

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    Default Updating to 2.1 Firmware
    Greetings to All!!!

    I have an PWNED 2.0.2 version and its unlocked, as the new version of the 2.1 update came today, I went ahead and tried to UPDATE (not restore and update) to 2.1. After all the wait of the update my iphone is still unlocked and works with T-Mobile however its not jailbroken.

    I just want to give you a heads up of my experience today. As long as my iphone is UNLOCKED im fine and running the version 2.1

    Thank you!


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    Updated... So far, so good. My reception's better and the SMS app isn't lagging anymore. Finally!

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    well has anyone tryd using winpwn 2.5 to jail break again with the Firmware u could download from the first page of this thread??

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    Quote Originally Posted by ady199 View Post
    Can anyone post their custom 2.1 firmware for 2G first gen phone, like we had for 2.0.2?

    Thanks in advance
    There is no custom firmware yet... because there is no software to make it yet ...

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    hahah this iphone 2G i have is going mad!!! i keep getting a message saying this accessory is not made to work with iphone. haha i think an update will fix it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by esko032 View Post
    I got my phone into dfu mode bc it was stuck on spinning wheel now it says it was unable to restore due to error 13. WTF!!!???

    Did you upgraded to 8.0? DFU mode should not have been used for the upgrade.


    Make sure you are on iTunes 7.7
    Turn off your iPhone
    Turn it bck on and enter DFU (blank screen)
    Restore to pwned 2.0.2..

    Make sure all is working and upgrade back to 2.1

    Hope this helps
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    Quote Originally Posted by CademiaX View Post
    lol, just hope the kids dont play with your phone...

    or hope you dont have friends like mine that would try to guess it for hours on end..

    what a dumb *** idea...

    now, if you knew when your phone was going to be stolen so you could enable the feature then great... but if you knew that why not just hide you phone better?
    I AGREE 100%

    wipe after 10 bad passwords is asking for some spiteful person that gets a hold of your phone to ruin your day.

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    Has anyone tried to upgrade to 2.1 then use Quickpwn to jailbreak??

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    well i had to restore my iphone because it wouldnt load.. I have the iphone 3g and had jailbroken 2.0.2 version and i was doing update to 2.1 and then phone just sat loading and vibrate every 10 seconds.

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    in regards to data wipe after 10 failed password attempts...

    i'm not sure why it's a stupid idea to have that on an iphone when it works the same way on a blackberry? iphone's just trying to live up to the security standards a firm would expect from a mobile phone of their choice, no?

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    Quote Originally Posted by holewheat View Post
    Has anyone tried to upgrade to 2.1 then use Quickpwn to jailbreak??
    yes. it does not work.

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