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Thread: Spore: Full Walk-Through and Review

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    just downloaded this will keep me occupied on the plane tomorrow
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    great, now we´re even releasing iphone games later in europe.. gotta love the discriminating style here

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    Already in my pocket, Tonight I am going to try it.
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    I bought it, and I like it. I was impressed by EA's usage of the system. I don't understand why everybody is so gassed up about the $$ value of these appstore games. It's $10 are you people really that broke?

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    I have to admit at first I had secodnded the sentiment of some in here but I realize that this is supposed to be a side story game and not the game itself (ala Animatrix vs. The Matrix or Clone Wars vs. Episode 3). So here is my review.

    Controls, 7 / 10. I had a hard time at first adapting but once I got the hang of it, its been pretty easy going.
    Graphics, 8 / 10. Creature Creator and animation throughout the levels was good.
    Stability, ?/10, this part I have a hard time with since I have a mix of jailbreak / unlock apps and appstore apps. The game crashed a couple of times, but I think that EA anticipated this by not only making the levels fairly easy to recover from but also overcome.
    Overall, I like this game but I can see myself in the near future once I have beaten it a few times, losing interest.


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    What's so special about this game???? Why all the fuss????

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    I think the hype is based on the PC/Mac counterparts rather than the iPhone one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Happy Noodle Boy View Post
    I think the hype is based on the PC/Mac counterparts rather than the iPhone one.
    thank you. finally someone knows something outside of the IPHONE

    anyways. i dont like to buy games unless they are great and i play it for more than 1 day. i work for minumum wage and all my money goes to my iphone, car, life everything. im not some bigshot making tons of money. i dont have money to just waste. because more than half of the apps out there in the store are CRAP. and i will not get tricked. anyways game is fun, but its the same game every level except for levels by 5 (as in 5, 10, 15, 20) the controls are not fantastic, they are very hard to get used to, even if you change them. and you cant really customize the creature :-/ so i mean is it worth 5 dollars, ya i guess... but 10 not really. i would rather buy asphalt 4 than this any day.
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    Will it run on 114 or only 2.x?

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    ok so ive been playing this game for a while now but i dont understand how you get evolution points. does anyone kno?

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    the points just come up automaticlly as you play each level. I am stuck on level 30 i have no clue what to do

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    There are only 30 levels.

    I don't think the evolution points come up randomly or automatically. There has to be something in the gameplay that allows you to get them. At the end of the level it'll say Evolution Points: 0/2 or whatever you got. I'm thinking it's the combos.

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    you have to to replay the levels to get more evolution points and yeah I know only 30 levels

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    Quote Originally Posted by evolutionarymc View Post
    I gotta have spore! I've been carrying the SDK video on MxTube since it came out.
    That's how I felt. I got it the first day and it was awesome. Soo addicting.
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    looks fun!

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    One evolution point is added for each 3 levels you pass.

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    It's a decent game the first couple of levels,the customizing is cool as well but it gets kinda repetitive and eventually boring. Despite the opinions of some I found the controls to be very effective.

    Guess if it got passed all the swimming around and had some land levels it prob would've been worth the $$ but I say if you're going to spend money on a game app you're better off with Asphalt 4, RSoccer 09 & Blue Skies.

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    how do you beat the boss at the last onehow do you beat the boss at the last one
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