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Thread: Microsoft AppStore = "Skymarket"

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    Default lol
    Quote Originally Posted by dale1v View Post
    Um Samsung Omnia?

    2.0 is WORSE than WinMo 6.1 at this point in time; as carlos1w said, it's like Windows ME (YUCK)

    You're sounding like a fanboy...stop...

    LOL.The Omnia!!! hahahahha have you really took a good look at that platform? if thats who you got ur money on thats fine.

    fanboy?lolol of course I am are you crazy!!! and what are you? im sure ur iphone is modded...lmao ;-)

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    you should have read his post before he edited it. It said 'ignorant' fanboy, and I agree completely.

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    We all are free to our opinion.
    While fanboys are silly, it's their right to believe anything Jobs throws thair way.

    It's just funny to see how some believe everything started with the iPhone including hacking. Silly, silly

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    Quote Originally Posted by iBwizzle View Post
    The iPhone may be borin' to you, but not to me! iStill have a first gen iPhone on firmware 1.14 and i'M still satisfied! iLove addin' custom themes, sounds, ringtones, video wallpapers, video ringtones, etc. iTs probably borin' to you because you realized that Apple worked the hell out you (all 3G iPhone owners who ditched there first gen to upgrade)! Still no mms, video record, copy & paste, flash, 32/64GB, bluetooth A2DP, voice dial, video conference, and an legit iM client that can run iN the background! That and iT wouldn't surprise iF AT&T got you (ya'll) payin' $90+ a month for iTs service... SE, please release the Xperia X1 soon!

    -sent from my iPhone
    iGet enough exercise just pushin' my luck!
    I switched to the 3G from the first gen, but I am very glad that I did. The 1st Gen sound system is lacking. I can hear hella better with my new phone. I got tired of asking people to repeat something if I wasn't in a vacuum sealed room. Any background noise at all ruined it.

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