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Thread: Crappy Service? It's YOUR FAULT

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    Default Crappy Service? It's YOUR FAULT
    Well at least its your fault if you haven't updated to firmware version 2.0.2 according to AT&T.

    There has been a lot of recent speculation and even a lawsuit about the reception issues with the 3g iPhone. First the 3g chip was blamed for the reception issues and then later refuted in a study. Now an internal source at AT&T has shed some light on the issue providing details about what the 2.0.2 update did and how it is intended to fix reception problems.

    Basically the 2.0.2 update controls the UTMS power control in the iPhone. To get service, each iPhone requires power from the service providers transmitter and that power is requested by the iPhone itself. Pre firmware version 2.0.2 the iPhone 3g was asking for too much power from the cell towers. When a lot of iPhones asked for too much power all at once the cell towers would run out of power, leaving you with no reception.

    I'd like to have some cell phone service so if you have a 3g iPhone (in denver ) do me a favor. Update to 2.0.2 using PwnageTool for mac or QuickPwn for windows or WinPwn 2.5 when it is released (we hear very soon).

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    LOL never seen so many problems on a phone before. Time for Apple to get some new engineers that can release STABLE firmwares and time for them to ditch AT&T and find a better carrier. Ridiculous how AT&T is blaming the customer. LOL

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    my fault -.-

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    I'm with cash please update your phone denver people I did and it wasn't that painful. I also think the blame game needs to stop between the two and just own up to the fact that you don't know how to code apple.

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    apple is stupid why dont they just develope a stable phone instead of adding a bunch of cheap *** features making it less stable

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    lol their fault -_-'

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    It's Apples fault, choosing the worst carrier called ATT.

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    Some people do not know what they are talking about. If you think the iPhone is that cheap than sell it and stop complaining. I believe the iPhone is still light years ahead of any other cell phone experience. Apple has fixed the firmware, now ATT needs to update their 3G network. The problem is that ATT built their 3g infrastructure on the old 2g towers. 3g requires a more closely nit network of towers than 2g. So basically ATT just needs to add more towers to take the load.

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    sorry, i've been behind a couple weeks.

    it's OK now to quickpwn my 3G phone to 2.0.2? i remember the last few weeks they've told 3G people not to update due to some baseband issue

    i'm currently on a jailbroken 2.0.0

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    Wow, this must be why AT&T sent out that "free" SMS message to all iPhone owners reminding us that an update is available via iTunes.


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    ......Or we can all just move to Sweden.

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    So wait, the democrats in Denver are to blame for this? That damn universal 3g care. How are they going to pay for all those new 3g towers? Guess their going to have to raise those app taxes.... Sad.

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    im on 2.0.2 and it is about the same. sometimes its good and sometimes it just sucks.

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    I have been told that the signal could be weakened by things like high buildings, leaves on trees, and even if you are in a building with plaster walls. Power from a tower is not the only problem. Even a improperly seated sim card can be a problem. It would be great if these phones could also link with orbiting satellites.

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    so if I stay at 2.0.1, I will get better service, because my phone will tell the tower I need more power? AWESOME!!!!

    hey lets all switch to 2.0.1 because it makes the towers produce more signal!!!

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    So the cells run out of power, but wouldn't that not allow other phones(not iphones 3g) receive the signal either?

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    The candid truth is just this: Apple and AT&T could teach the whole world lessons in corporate arrogance. Would you put up with car makers if they were as proprietary when you purchased an automobile? I don't think so...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cash7c3 View Post
    When a lot of iPhones asked for too much power all at once the cell towers would run out of power, leaving you with no reception.
    This makes absolutely zero sense. Why would this only affect iPhones? Aren't there other 3G devices hooked up to AT&T towers that would also suffer from lack of service due to the iphones apparently power-hungry antics?

    edit: someone else pointed this out, just read the post. Point still stands.

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    Jeez, go back to your moto razr.....

    Actually, I just did! I think it lasted about 30 minutes until I realized all my iPhone can do! Yes, we want things to work properly and for the majority of iPhone users, all is well (there are a few million of these things out there) and I know most of us here are more than casual users. We have to understand that cutting edge is sometimes bleeding edge. CRIPE! I went through all of this same rhetoric when I went to the 1st gen Razr. I updated it to Video and I had some problems, but mostly, I liked having features before everyone else. That is why we jailbreak and goof with our phones. NO business can make everyone happy - we are all too diversified!
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