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  • I am satisfied

    423 58.26%
  • I am not satisfied

    166 22.87%
  • The build quality is good

    349 48.07%
  • The build quality is lacking

    175 24.10%
  • I do not have reception issues

    225 30.99%
  • I have reception issues

    289 39.81%
  • 3g speeds are as expected

    268 36.91%
  • 3g speeds are slow

    227 31.27%
  • I have had no issues with my iPhone

    214 29.48%
  • I have had many issues with my iPhone

    223 30.72%
  • My email works as expected

    375 51.65%
  • I have had issues with my email

    100 13.77%
  • I like the AppStore

    478 65.84%
  • I do not like the Appstore

    70 9.64%
  • I'm fine being locked to one carrier

    263 36.23%
  • I want an unlocked iPhone

    258 35.54%
  • Jailbreaking + Cydia = a better iPhone

    597 82.23%
  • Jailbreaking is evil

    14 1.93%
  • I frequent

    396 54.55%
  • I frequent

    497 68.46%
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Your favorite Apple, iPhone, iPad, iOS, Jailbreak, and Cydia site.

Thread: Apple Wants to Know. Do You Like the iPhone 3g? MMi Wants to Know Too

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    Quote Originally Posted by trumpedup_charges View Post
    I'm sure we all want to big up mmi but telling apple where we got the information to jailbreak and unlock the iphone is not a bright idea. Please don't bring fire men to the torching.
    They are already very well aware of us, don't worry about it

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    I got this servey in my email...on around the 17th of july wonder why so late for you all now?
    Do what you can when you can, Why Wait?

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    Really love the phone all in all... What do I want, well... MMS would be awesome, didn't realize how much myself or my FRIENDS use it. Oh well... Jailbreaking is so tempting, I come from an extensive PDA and smart phone background where I constantly unlocked and modified my phone to the fullest extent. Now, it just takes so much time and small risk to preform. Every time an update comes out, you have to dump everything you had set up the way you wanted it and now you have to take an hour or two to set it up again. If and when this becomes less time intensive and more user friendly I am sticking with the features offered.

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    I haven't received this survey from Apple, how can I take it?

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    Thanks MMi!!!

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    I love my 3G iPhone. MMS no big proplem I just use my email from my phone to send pic and it's free. Put mms on the phone and you have to up your text count = more money lol I'm cheap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ProjectGSX View Post
    One thing that isnt covered in the mmi survey:

    I have problems syncing. I sync with THREE different computers. I have a media center where I keep my music, ringtones and movies. I have my home PC where I have my contacts and calendar. Then I have my work PC, where I also have contacts and a calendar. The iPhone is obviously not designed to sync with this many systems. My old Windows Mobile phone had no problems at all with this setup.
    Well you can always sign up for MobileMe

    You can also try SwapTunes for synching w/ multiple libraries. I haven't tried it myself.

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    I would tell apple it's amazing the best phone to ever come out!!!

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    Love both of my iphones.... first generation and 3G but hate the apps crashing and learned that itunies is doing it! Apple please fix these issues!

    Also hate the dropped calls even with edge! Even when I am outside I get dropped calls! Also when your agreement runs out get rid of Att and start your own! Or go to Verizon!

    Apple you did a wonderful job and this is a awesome phone just fix the problems and get this phone up to date with the other phones that offer people more! Also if you ever come out with another version of the iphone don't change the size!

    I am tired of buying cases, screen protectors etc... for each phone that comes out!

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    I am not really happy about the all plastic casing, but the rest of the phone makes it worth it to upgrade from the original iPhone.

    Sound quality was what eventually did it for me. I got tired of having to be in a quiet area and constantly asking people to repeat themselves.

    As far as the battery life was irritating at first, but now it feels normal.

    I played with the Fisher Price-looking Gphone the other day. Um yeah. Try again.

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    Quite surprised at the results of this poll, I move my iPhone and haven't had any issues with the phone itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lil_sims31 View Post
    thanks for the posts man... anyone out there that wants to get a free iphone 3g 16gb go to this link it is a real site the only thing that you have to do is complete one of the free offers with a credit card. The best way to do it is to buy one of those visa pay cards from walmart and just do it like that. I already have 1 and I am trying to work on another one so really there is no risk to you at any cost
    *Please note: Use of the Apple iPhone requires a 2 year service contract with AT&T. Activation is required and service plan costs are not included with this offer. Prices and Plans vary by location.
    Last edited by Broomhead; 2009-02-08 at 03:22 PM.

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    Voice dialing would make it so much better

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    Quote Originally Posted by bk6039 View Post
    Voice dialing would make it so much better
    "Say Who" check the app store

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    I love (3)G iphone better. (N)ow
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    Iphone Love... I dreamed of a iphone before it was out..

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    i love iphone 3g

    i always sniff out 3G data!

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    I have found this phone to be an incredibly useful one. Not only a great phone but an awfully useful tool. It is like carrying around a small computer at your side. there are tons of useful applications, many at no cost. I find myself using these programs many times.

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    Wow. This thread just appeared in New Posts. I remember it from forever ago. Ancient...
    Quote Originally Posted by bhz1 View Post
    LOL! DOesnt everyone know that only real women know how to handle a stick?
    Quote Originally Posted by ALL DAY View Post
    As long as Miguel can blow...he's straight.
    Quote Originally Posted by bhz1 View Post
    I dread that first dusting of the white stuff.
    Quote Originally Posted by blkcadi View Post
    ready for a romp buddy? ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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    Quote Originally Posted by bteamer View Post
    Wow. This thread just appeared in New Posts. I remember it from forever ago. Ancient...
    I'm new - I don't remember the thread, or the problems mentioned.
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SundayDuffer View Post

    Jailbreak+Cydia is leading the poll...Come on guys..MMI should be leading....hihihi.
    It is. The last two are the same, other than a wink, and if you add them together, it wins.
    Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?

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    If I didn't, press it anyway.

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