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Thread: Ridiculous iPhone Prices for India and Russia

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    well, a contract locked iphone 3g 8gb costs u$s 524 in argentina, 40 bucks a month, with little free minutes and sms and 512 mb of "free data".

    with the same plan, the 16 gb one costs 665.

    of course there are higher plans wich lower the cost, but its always at least u$s150 more expensive than in the united states.

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    is it Apple setting the price or are the service providers charging a premium?

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    COME ON PEOPLE !!! Some people seem they still don't understand how CONTRACT works ... The $199 price tag is based on CONTRACT!!! (2 year). Like some fool said above, in Australia, 8GB is $899 when you are free of contract and it's $0 with 2yr CONTRACT.. is that still fxxking rip off ?*I believe the price in India or Phillippines are pretty much OUTRIGHT price.. probably Apple failed to make contract deal with local carriers. Wake up people and stop whinning at the price... PAY for what you get... GET ON A CONTRACT if you wanna pay less for the iPhone... otherwise pay FULL PRICE !!!!

    AoTW // I'm assuming you bought it from Apple resellers ?? It cannot be that much ... or did you customise yours ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2s3t8z View Post
    wait wait! wait!!
    have u not heard of the price of australia yet?!?!
    i thought u would have!!!!
    $899 aud for the 8gb!!!!!
    These prices are for outright purchases (i.e. no contract). The blackberry and nokia n95 sell for up to $1100AUD outright! Even the "lowly" Motorola V3x is around $600-700. Most countries have this kind of system. In some cases even though the phone is free with a cap plan, over a 2-3 year period you end up paying more than if you bought it outright.

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    In Pakistan you can get a 1st gen iPhone for 514usd and a 3g iPhone 8g for 735 usd and 16gb for 835 usd.

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    I was shipping out iphone from SF, CA to Russia and they were selling them there for $1000.

    In Moscow, the 16GB 3G iPhones were selling for around $1700. I know, SHOCKING! Who the hell would want to be this phone for over $500! Definitely not worth it
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    sorry to see that...... thats crazy!!! NZ, Dubai and above mentioned.. WOW!

    Edit : Selling 8Gb barely used iphone JB and Unlocked 600 Shipped worldwide!!
    Re-Edit : Hehehe

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    Hi from Costa Rica!

    you wont believe me but I got the Iphone 3G 8GB for only 324.99 USD ready and unlocked, there was a local store selling it so cheap, after a few hours (and after I ordered 2 phones) they changed the price to 500 and finally 979 Costa Rica the air time is cheap..I pay 20 bucks per month with 200 minutes and unlimited internet..yahooo

    pura vida maes
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    watch the end of this video
    he did say it would never go over 199!!!

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    It is indeed stupid to be paying 37k for an iphone in india.
    Its a total ripoff and operators need to understand that by lowering prices and having lower margins, they can sell more and in turn make larger profits....

    Guess they need to put some brains in their heads....

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    In Poland I got my 3G 8GB for ~90$ with a 2 year contract (40$ a month)

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    If people weren't so damn greedy and would just help someone else out by buying one for someone to send over to them and taking maybe 10% off the top (rather than 200%) then we wouldn't have this worry.

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