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Thread: Cycorder - Superior Free Video Recorder for 3G and 2.x

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    Thanks I will try it. I guess its from the mobile terminal?

    Thank you. It worked.
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    No disrespect to Cycorder, but the 3GS video is quite dramatically better:

    • 4x the resolution and 2x the framerate (with enough light)
    • the ability to control focus and exposure.
    • editing
    • sharing
    • easy upload to your Desktop
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    Cycorder makes the most of the 3G but the 3Gs has better h/w so not surprising. For the odd video I do Cycorder is good enough.
    There is no doubting the 3Gs is better than the 3G, just not enough better for me to upgrade.
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    confucious: Why doesn't it surprise me that you make "odd" videos?

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    :d - it keeps on changing my D to a d!
    Meant to be

    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.

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    Is there any conceivable difference in performance now that Cycorder works under 3.0? I used to get quite a few videos under 2.2 where despite the fact that lighting was more than enough the FPS was way down...(suppose a memory/cpu thing)..

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    Quote Originally Posted by poetic_folly View Post

    Jay Freeman (aka Saurik), author of Cydia and WinterBoard, Friday released Cycorder (website not REALLY there yet. ), a FREE native iPhone video recorder application. The release comes hot on the tails of DreamCatcher's 2.x release of their $19.95 iPhone Video Recorder software, and is superior in many aspects.

    Before, I get into the details, here's a sample video recorded with Cycorder.


    Quality on the videos is much higher than iPhone Video Recorder's movies, due to Saurik's use of MJPEG compression - the same compression used in the majority of point and shoot digital camera's with video support. Oh, and there is no waiting 3 times as long as your video length after you record before the video compresses and lets you watch it (as Showtime did, in 1.x firmwares - its not yet out for 2.x iPhones) - when you finish recording a video with Cycorder, you can immediately play the video back.

    The video playback list has a slick first-frame thumbnail shown for each video you've taken, vs just a listing of the time's of each video as competing video recorders have (MUCH easier to tell which video is which - if you record several videos in an evening or day, the times really don't help you much at all later).

    Videos are recorded at 384x288, a 4x3 aspect ratio. Depending on how well lit the area is, videos are recorded at between 6-15 fps. Saurik notes that the large variance of fps is due to the iPhone camera, which when video is recorded is basically taking pictures as fast as it can and when you take those photos the camera has to open its shutter, let in the light that makes up the photo, and close the shutter. The less light, the longer it takes to do that. So, better lighting equals higher quality fps, and therefore smoother videos.

    The UI is done in landscape mode, and is extremely simple and easy to use - press the large center button on the right (bottom if the iPhone is held vertically) to record/stop recording, and press the small arrow to open up your playback list. Saurik mentioned he's looking at ways to even have the videos show up in your iPod Videos list once recorded in Cycorder.

    Update!!!! Cycorder now includes audio

    Cycorder can be downloaded now from Cydia (its on the Featured Packages list on the front page of Cydia, or in the Multimedia section. I'd definitely recommend it - the video quality is the best out there, and audio will be included shortly.
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    Now don't get me wrong, I am aware of all the above...However I am specifically referring to occasions where despite enough light there are not enough fps..I assumed that 3.0 being a new release may incorporate optimizations in the memory management department that may or may not at the end of the day make Cycorder operate more efficiently..

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    love it works great!

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    Can I take the videos from my iPhone to the pc????

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    I guess the $20 is one time fee to purchase it.
    I just want to know if the latest version includes audio?
    also can I transfer the video to my pc. someone please let me know

    sorry all the answers are here. I will try and see how it goes
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    Quote Originally Posted by modmyikumar View Post
    I guess the $20 is one time fee to purchase it.
    I just want to know if the latest version includes audio?
    Cycorder is free - why do you want to pay $20?
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    Can i forward this on a messageř Email

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    I did installed and it works really great. with the iphonebrowser it is really easy to upload to your pc.

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    how can i get this app/ if the iphone if its not JB or anything like that?

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    Thanks for the nice info!

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    Now that I got my 3GS, the cycorder just kind of faded away. The video app on the new iphone is awesome, in my opinion.

    CJUNI - You cannot download Cycorder if your phone is not jailbroken, sorry.


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    Default program crashing
    everytime i connect my iphone the iphonebrowser program closes. i have a 3g iphone on 3.0. can anyone help.
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    I used it, it works great and quality is also very high. Video is also great.

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    Cycorder is definitely the best!

    + It's free!

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