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Thread: How To: Add your Hotmail a/c in Maill app

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    Default How To: Add your Hotmail a/c in Maill app
    Are you tired of opening Safari everytime to surf your hotmail a/c. Well, me too! I know there are a few workarounds like IzyMail but they are paid and involve giving out your password.

    But now there's a simple solution for free with which you don't even need to publicize your password. Though there is a very small glitch, but otherwise it works perfectly! This solution is only compatible with 2.0 or 2.0+ firmware versions.

    Here's how you can do it yourself:

    1. Go to Cydia and install the following programs:

    • Freepops
    • MobileTerminal
    • cURL
    • XML Parser Toolkit

    2. Reboot you phone and open MobileTerminal and type the following command:
    ssh localhost -l root

    3. Type alpine when prompted for password.

    4. After that, your screen should look like the one below.

    5. Now type the following:

    freepopsd -p 110 &
    Screenshot coming soon

    You will get a number in the output like one in the screen below.

    6. Go to mail application and to add your account tap other.

    7. Type in your name, e-mail address (Windows Live ID) and password, then tap save.

    8. Now, you will get an error saying Pop account verification failed in the application's status bar.

    9. Now in Incoming Mail Server, change hostname to localhost and tap save.

    10. Click yes on the SSL error pop-up.

    11. Now, it will begin downloading your mails.

    12. For a precaution go to the Settings app --> Mail, Contacts, Calendars and change the default number of messages that show to 200 recent messages.

    Here's the only small glitch of the app. When you reboot the phone, root logs out. So everytime you want to check mail just follow steps 2-5 again and you are ready to go. Hope a solution is being worked upon.

    All credits for this wonderful utility goes to oNaiPs
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    mmm sounds nice

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    connect to host locahost port 22: Connection refused

    what now?

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    Gives me error: The connection to the server "localhost" failed.

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    i get differ between 1 vs 2 or sumin like that

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    Finally Hotmail!!!
    To bad I spent all day changing my email address's to Yahoo!

    Oh well, just stick with YMail!

    Btw, does it get push email?

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    I got: "Protocol major versions differ: 1 vs. 2" after i type the first line of command ssh localhost -1 root

    what is wrong?

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    I get "connect to localhost port 22: connection refused" , if I can get this to work it'll be the most useful tool on my iphone.....

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    Default Me Too
    Quote Originally Posted by chicointrepido View Post
    I got: "Protocol major versions differ: 1 vs. 2" after i type the first line of command ssh localhost -1 root

    what is wrong?
    Getting the same error... ne help?

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    excellent work

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    okay figured it out its not a 1 when typin -1 its L, so it -l

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    Quote Originally Posted by _lol_ View Post
    Getting the same error... ne help?
    i used

    ssh localhost -2 root

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    WOW! Constantly impressed how clever some of you tech guys are!

    Nice work! Thanks

    2 questions however:

    1. Why is it downloading old mail, and not my most recent emails? Is that a setting I can change somewhere?
    2. What value should I use for the outgoing mail server?

    Thanks and keep up the good work


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    1) scp org.freepops.freepopsd.plist /Library/LaunchDaemons/org.freepops.freepopsd.plist
    2) Reboot your phone
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    LOL it is L!!!! not 1 one! haha

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    mail can't be sent though !

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    okay now my mail app dont open

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    Quote Originally Posted by paolop_ve View Post
    I get "connect to localhost port 22: connection refused" , if I can get this to work it'll be the most useful tool on my iphone.....
    Got it working, the problem was that I had disabled the SSH daemon

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    wow that took a while before it worked but wow it was worth it thanks its awsome

    little thanx goes a long way!

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    Weird, my messages get loaded backwards... so first comes the last messages from years ago

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