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Thread: QuickPwn GUI Released [Windows]

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    I am having problems using QuickPwn, My iphone was Jailbroken with ziphone (firmware 1.1.3) at the moment, and when using quickPwn it just finishing with the Itunes logo and the cable logo (In recovery modus) it says in itunes. Please help!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Birke View Post
    Will it work with VMWare Fusion (XP)?
    It'd be great if someone with a Mac tried Quickpwn on VMWare..

    Us Mac guys aren't used to being uninvited to the party.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneRing2Rule View Post
    I was just thinking that trying to mush through the thread. Oy.
    To be honest, have to agree with people that noobs are getting to be an irritant. Yes, I was a noob as well at one time but at least I read as much as I could and SEARCHED for answers first before posting! Tired of seeing "How come I get an Error 6 (or 1601 etc)?" When the solution has been posted 1 million times!!!

    People, the iPhone is not toy. You are not making a Lego spaceship. Learn about it first before messing with it. The answer to more than 50% of the noob questions are always in THE FIRST POST. READ PEOPLE!!!! Tired of people whining that "I bricked my phone"

    Here is how to be a bad noob:

    1. unbox iPhone and throw away manual
    2. logon to MMi read only the subject line of the news posts and ignore everything else.
    3. click on any download link and try to run whatever software is posted even it is new, contains bugs and you have no idea what it does
    4. Don't read any of the posts in the thread
    5. Don't do any searches when faced with a problem
    6. Whine, scream, kick and post stuff like: I installed X and now my phone doesn't work. What is DFU mode?
    7. Or: "I tried it and it doesn't work" without saying what OS, what iPhone etc.
    8. Complaining there is no guide available 5 minutes after new jailbreak software has come out.

    Here is how to be a good noob:

    1. Spend time with your iPhone first, read about the various components and how they function
    2. Lurk around the forums and news posts reading as much as you can
    3. Wait a few days before trying new software so that any possible issue you might have gets solved before you try it.
    4. If you get stuck, search MMi and Google (or whatever) to look for possible solutions
    5. Finally if really stuck, post with as much information as possible. Also, say truthfully that you've read all the posts, guides etcs and need help.

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    You must be really pissed to take the time writing this...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cadsii View Post
    mine is running so much better... i am doing side by side video review toinght of how the gps works to show the difference... mine is runnning very smooth

    Same here perfect!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sf-iphone View Post
    After this procedure, (2.0.2 pwnd using the 2.0.1 quickpwn) no one had freezing issue or other?
    Just did the 2.0.2 update from 2.0.1 3g jailbroken iphone. Then did the quikpwn with the 2.0.1 fw. everything is running smooth and fast and i'm about to test installer and cydia to see how there working. Much love for who ever found this easy work around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bhz1 View Post
    When I did it with iTunes off Quickpwn just hung. I read BigBoss's article on and tried again leaving iTunes open and voila! I did kill the iTunesHelper service though as I did with Winpwn.

    Quickpwned 2.02 3G
    this is what i did. maybe if its ur first time going from 1.14 to 2.0+ higher leave ur Itunes on

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    Default Worked for me!
    Quote Originally Posted by sf-iphone View Post
    After this procedure, (2.0.2 pwnd using the 2.0.1 quickpwn) no one had freezing issue or other?
    1st time jailbreaker, 1st post...
    I did this today because it sounded so easy.. it was, i'm now running 2.0.2 and jailbroken. I'm having fun with Cydia and dowloading themes and customization goodies.
    I have completely tested every function and app on my phone, everythinhg works perfectly, and no freeze or lag in over 3 hours of screwing around with it!

    1 thing I havn't seen mentioned... when I did the procedure to put my phone in recovery mode, my windows then re-detected and installed drivers for it. Meanwhile the QuickPwn installer gave me an error that I didnt do it right, and forced me to close it. I re-launched the batch file with my phone STILL in recovery mode... the installation went from start to finish on its own, with no input from me.

    BTW, I live in Las Vegas... my signal DID increase after I uprgraded to 2.0.2.

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    Ok I just updated from jailbroke 1.1.4 to 2.0.2 in Itunes then I downloaded the quickpwnd ran it followed it to the tee. And now I'm jailbroke on 2.0.2 and so far everything is working just fine. My only problem is I can't figure out how to get installer on my iphone.
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    where can i download 2.0.2 or 2.0.1 firmware for iPod touch directly to my computer???
    please help!!!!

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    i can confirm that quick pwn works with 2.0.2 previously installed on the phone then pwning with quickpwngui i just did it on my cuzin's 3g i made a video using my iphone here is the link to the video QIK | Streaming video right from your phone the resolution is crappy, i recorded from my iphone

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    Quote Originally Posted by sf-iphone View Post
    If I can't get the procedure to have my iPhone 3G 2.0.1 pwnd to 2.0.2 pwnd, could we have at least the firmware 2.0.2 pwnd?
    Not sure if this is possible since I'm not even sure on how to jailbreak 2.0.2...
    Quickpwn GUI Procedure for Iphone 3G 2.0.1 pwn

    1. Download 2.0.2 firmware
    2. Upgrade to 2.0.2 on Itunes using SHIFT key and pressing the UPDATE button.
    - I did not previously downloaded the 2.0.2 firmware, so I just press Update.
    - First, itunes will make a copy of your iphone, mine takes about and hour to copy.
    - Then it will start the upgrade process.
    - Mine got error -1 and did not finished. I had to reset it and got into RESTORE mode.
    - It took over 2 hours the full upgrade-restore thing, because I did not SHIFT-UPGRADE...

    2. Close these itunes programs:
    - itunes
    - ituneshelper
    3. Run Quickpwn GUI or quickpwn to jailbreak
    - REMEMBER, its Quickpwnd GUI, not just Quickpwn. They are different.
    4. Place a copy of the 2.0.1 firmware on the same directory
    - Don't worry, it will left firware 2.0.2 on the iphone.
    5. Follow the onscreen instructions

    That's it, worked for me ! Iphone 3G, 2.0.2 + cydia + Installer

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    If you have hidden Installer or Cydia with BossPrefs make sure to unhide them before you do this! I made that mistake...ended up with a jailbroken 2.0.2 phone with a hidden cydia and other words, I had to restore! Damn! (I had been using AppFlow to access them, but of course it was gone after the update, and SSH is NOT installed by default with QuickPwn)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sf-iphone View Post
    You must be really pissed to take the time writing this...
    Yeah, well it was before my morning coffee... I enjoy helping people but finally snapped after seeing post after post of the same thing. Shouldn't be angry at lazy people

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    ok I did the qpwn and only have cydia. How do I get installer also on my phone. I have a 2g phone.

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    If I use QuickpwnGUI. Do I end up with the pineapple logo?? If you do how do you get rid if it and the Steve Jobs picture back to stock Apple logos??

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    still trying to understand why you all really need installer. It doesnt have anything different let alone more applications as Cydia does. Installer is great but its really not neccessary to have. Cydia has been fantastic, and I rarely click on installer. If you had it already youd probably agree.

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    I just updated via itunes and everything works fine? Wow. I am on 2.0.2 T-Mobile Unlocked Iphone 2G

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    i have a 1.1.4 2g so do i updated to 2.0.1 in itunes and then quickpwn also my quickpwn isint responding at all wheni drag the firmware into it
    8g iphone anySIM Unlocked
    Custom Kanye West Graduation Theme
    Using on Both At&t and T-mobile

    All done By Me!!!

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    i have a 1.1.4 2g so do i updated to 2.0.1 in itunes and then quickpwn also my quickpwn isint responding at all wheni drag the firmware into it
    Its not supposed to. You have to double click on iPhone2G.bat if you have a 2G phone after you drop the firmware file into the folder.

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