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Thread: 16 GB iPhone and 32 GB iPod Touch Released

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    Quote Originally Posted by MOEPLO View Post
    mine looks fine dude. and nice speaker
    Yea I am impressed with the speaker and mic, my friends said it was easier to hear when i spoke on speakerphone... plus their voice is louder and when i connect it to my car I don't have to max out my car volume level to hear songs.

    anyway, I'll return my phone tomorrow and see if I can get a screen that doesn't look like its been owned by a smoker for 10 years, and then repost so no one else settles for a yellow screen

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    I sent this to and some other big apple announcement websites about 3 months ago. An AT&T employee told me this when I asked if they had any other sizes beside 8 gig (I was talking about 4 gig). He told me they got sent a 4 gig once every 2 months, but not that much anymore since they aren't made. Then he leaned in to my ear and whispered they were making a 16 gig iPhone before Spring. What email did I get back from all these sites? "Don't send us that made up crap just to get featured on the front page." Hate to say it, but I told you so!

    Oh yeah! Another thing. I forgot to tell MMi, so they weren't those people who said I was lying.
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    Smile Can I use it if I don't want to make calls?
    Hi, I live in Japan, so obviously can't make any calls or mails ect., but I'd like to use camera and speaker function that I don't have on itouch.
    Is it possible to use ( and if possible jailbreak ) somehow without having to register to At&T? ( I don't need unlock for now, because we are 3G... )
    My brother lives in US so I'm wondering if I could ask him to get me one...
    Advice would be highly appreciated.
    Thank you.

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    Still going to wait for the 3G.

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    The 3g that it should have had already

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    But I don't need phone function...I already have good phone here...
    In other words, can I activate and use iphone as an iPod without sim card?
    Thank you for answers

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    Yes. With Ziphone. tick jailbreak, and activate. bam. done. :P

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    Thumbs up touch
    i do wish that apple had at least included an inyernal speaker or something with the itouch. It would have boosted it's sales, and maybe even outsild the iphone. Oh well, i'm fine with my itouch 16gb.
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