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Thread: Simplify Media Get if Free While You Can

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    Man i wish this would work :-c lol First time since this morning and it started working. Scare to turn it off
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    Does one need to be connected to at least one other user who is on line for their own library to show up? I just noticed that a user I was connected with went offline and his and my library suddenly went away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cash7c3 View Post

    One of my favorite Apps for PC/Mac/Linux and iPhone/iPod Touch is Simplify Media. If you don't know Simplify Media is an awesome program allowing you to stream your iTunes Library over the internet to your other devices / friends computer. I've been using their service for a long time now and couldn't be more pleased accessing my music library from anywhere I can pick up some wifi.

    For a short time (first 100,000 downloads) Simplify Media is a FREE download through the appstore. Pair this along with their free desktop software and you gain access to all of your music while on the go.

    Simplify Media works with your iPhone over edge, wifi, and 3g. Grab it from the app store while you can!

    If you don't have Simplify Media on your computers already head over to their site for a free download.


    OrbLive -- the Best Media App for your iPhone | Orb Networks

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    add me, khayri. I have mostly rap/hip-hop & R&B
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    Add me, jufri, Im into alternative indie and heading towards techno give me a tell if you have some nice techno

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    add me knicks3115, i listen to rap/hip hop

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    Add me up if ya like USERNAME - Dzazter (thx to everyone who has already added)

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    thanks for the heads up. Got it for free.

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    add me when i get setup... i hope i can register using 3proxy... if not oh's well...

    i gots about 80GB of songs which includes genres:
    rap/hip hop
    drum and base
    heavy metal
    blah blah blah
    you get the idea... although i have over 17,000 songs i would say about <1000 are doubles
    "Search" is your friend

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    add me, screen name is joshsingh3

    about 80gigs of mostly hip hop/rap full albums.....alot of bay area rap.....some rock/alternative

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    Quote Originally Posted by KabutoCub View Post
    Well, I probably wouldn't delete it if I were you. Simply because its free now, it might not be free later on. Its possible they will fix that glitch (hopefully) at some point in the future. I just really wanted to see this in action.

    oh well.

    I have 1,166 files available.
    I had to re-format the PC not long ago, so I haven't put in all my music into iTunes. Its not really a big library right now. :P I'd hate to see how long it would take if I had all 200GB of songs in there. geez.
    Actually, Ive been able to share my music file on my external HD, I dont have but a small percentage of music in my itunes. There is an option where you can share every file you have.
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    Default Can't seem to connect with edge
    Any tmobile users with tzones out there able to connect to their library?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Decon Meiou View Post
    Any tmobile users with tzones out there able to connect to their library?
    I came to this thread to ask the same question, about to try it right now.

    UPDATE: I can't seem to get it to work but then again I don't know if I need to set something else up? or not. But yea, as of now doesn't seem to connect.
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    this is taking really long to index my 32k songs, but the ones it has done work perfectly!

    thanks for the share!

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    my sn is lillewis51. i have a good collection of everything. hope orb is in the works tho...

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    i cannot connect to my shares. i just did folders, not my ituens library or anything. anyone else do that and have problems. i can connect to other peoples that are on my list but mine still says scanning libraries

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone
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    Man! I have over 35,000 songs!

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    i got budys who have 60+ min long mixes shared and NONE of them will play.. just sits buffering then goes back to the song list.

    This app has some real potential but tis buggy as hell. I did nothing to my PC and all of a sudden no one could connect to me and it would jsut sit there saying scanning librarys... forever. I had to unshare all my 20k songs and reshare which takes forever in itself.

    i hope that now its gone official and soon they will be making money off it that they focus on making this app really great instead of the Hair pulling fest that it is now trying to get it to work correctly

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    Thanks for the info! Downloaded already, it's awesome.

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    I am trying to get some music that I downloaded with my zune pass. I know it's copy protected, but do you guys think simplify media will be able to get these songs? I already imported them to winamp, but it does not seem to stream those songs to my iphone. Dumb question, i know, but I would like to know if there is a way around this problem. Thanks!

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