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Thread: Apple Planning to Fix Reception

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    whats really the cause of this? the 3G hardware it self of this is something that a firmware update can fix?

    i hope this this can be fix by a firmware update..and not some bad 3g chip that was put on the iphone 3g..

    it suck to people that have this issue because they pay 30$ and the dont get the most out the money they pay for..

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    I am in South Missouri, and I have perfect, 5 bar 3G service all the time... Blazing fast... I am on wireless at home, but when I leave it doesn't seem to be a huge noticeable delay in loading things..

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    I have had right at zero 3g service in my town the area is practically flat for miles so nothing to block signals really, the thing that gets me though is I can walk 25 yards behind my house and go from zero to full strength 5 bars. I dnt get subtle fluctuations in signal my bars are either 1 or 5 never really seen 2,3, or 4. Edge is always full bars. Even while typing this I watch my signal go from full edge to 1 3g bar then almost immediatly back. There is a pblem somewhere and they should fix this asap or drop the 3g data plan to 20bux If a majority of users aren't getting to use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mkurasz View Post
    I think att has been having issues.. Even my cousin has been having problems with his Nokia, and my gf's first gen has been spotty running 1.1.4 1st gen. I think its more att, although my 3g 2.0.1 has been running fine..
    its not ATT, the 3G iphone is having this problem globally, not just ATT

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    yeah, i did notice this. my wife has the original iphone and, while her phone shows full bars, mine show none (one at most) while connected to 3G. does this mean another firmware release would need to be jailbroken upon release to the public?

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    idk i think it might have to do with the 2.X firmwares, i havent used 2.0.2, but with 2.0 i get far more dropped calls then wen i had 1.1.4 firmware,and im on the 2G first gen. iPhone

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    Before the first generation iPhone I was using a Samsung i607 Blackjack on AT&T's 3G network and I very rarely dropped a call, and had about 3 bars everywhere in Richmond, Va and the surrounding suburbs. My first generation iPhone (on the edge network) didn't drop a single call that I can remember, and I always had full service outdoors, and around 3 bars indoors. My 3G iPhone drops a call either every day or every other day now, and I never see more than 2 bars of 3G service. When I was in Manhattan and Greenwich Village I was constantly getting 4 bars, except when underground.

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    im in the same boat as everyone else. I drop an average of 2 calls a day. and i get 1-2 bars signal. and i live around the philly area.

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    Yea my dad had a problem he works at a plant and he has to go out side to get clear reception

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    I'm in Montreal, Quebec and nothing to repport. I've got my 3G on the first batches, and everything is A ok. Full bars at all times, even in elevators and around the tallest buildings. Running 2.0.0 jailbroken.

    Longue vie au Québec!

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    i had np with mine hehhe yeah i get no bars with 3g on in my area but i go down a block and i get full bars hahhah.. Even with no bars i can make a call and surf the net on my phone and nothin happens guess u guys got a bad one..
    oh forgot to say im in cali bay area .. Fremont...
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    Aussie Telcos give credits to 3G users, an interesting read.

    Slow Optus credits iPhone 3G users for woes - Technology -

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    I'm gunna have to get onto optus then, and try to get some compo.
    I'm with optus, on a $59 a month plan, w/500 meg included data. I find most of the time I cant access the 3g network, and even on gprs (they dont have a EDGE network), 2 out of 3 times I am surfing the web, it drops out and I get no net connectivity for a good five minutes, I am constantly getting the dreaded "No Service" signal, and I've probably already used up my 500 meg data allowance because I tend to have to redownload 4 or 5 times to actually complete it. I know with most stuff it can just pick up where it left off, especially with cydia, bt most of the time, data is corrupted and I have to start all over again.

    Quite a pain in the arse really, considering what I'm paying for this damn thing........still looks good tho.

    Update : They are crediting me my first months plan charge ($59), but of course I still have to pay the $7 for the phone for that month. I think that's fair enough. Combined with the carryover credits from my last plan, and some stuff up where they credit my account $5.50 every month (and have been for the past 2 years), my first three bills only amount to $7!!! Very fair considering the shite reception I'm getting.
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    I usualy have full bars or missing one. Although I can rarely surf, it just tries to load the page (on 3G and 2G). If im lucky it can load 50% of the page before shutting down again. The actual surfing is quick once it gets contact :/

    Anyhow, I went back to the store I bought it (Telia, since I live in Sweden). They sent it to service but said I most likely would get it replaced and get a brand new one, so if all goes well ill be able to pick up a fresh iPhone in the box next week They also mentioned me being compensated since I pay $30 a month for unlimited data which I haven't been able to use

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    I live in downtown los angeles and i've had quite a bit of dropped calls hofully apple fixes the problem soon i wouldn't expect this from the 3g iphone
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    I still have keypad lag and contacts lag after the 2.0.1 update. They really need to fix that.

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    I travel all over the World --- Mostly Europe... I have a US 1st Gen 16GB pwnd with 2.0.1 and a 3gen 2.0.1 t-mobile --- Germany official Apple seller..(recieved as a gift). I also have a Mot raz...w/umts 3G. The 3G iPhone battery is the worst (approx 3hrs less than my 2gen). Also it gets real hot. When I switch to 2G Its as cool as my 2nd gen iphone. But with the 3g it boils as hot as a plasma TV in the Nevada Desert...LOL

    My friend that works with mirco eng took both phones apart and did some circuit tests (just for fun...bit of a geek) What he found is that the 3rd gen does get about 30 degs hotter. With that said we all know what happens when electronics get hot......pooooof and or the bat life suffers... I am pretty sure a software fix will fix the 3G issue but.... if they use "underclocking" then slowwwwwww down 3g :-)..

    Apple is a huge company and I am sure it will take care of its people... But in the mean time I will sell my last 3G and keep my beloved 2G that has caused me NO Troubles... Not to mention that I get about 20% better reception from going from 1.1.4 to 2.0.1 and my iPhone is running about 5degs cooler during wifi...

    _Well Off to Mallorca... If this info helps hit the thanks...

    JB/PWND over 100 iPhones for friends and self...

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    hope they resolve this soon...

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    Thumbs down 3G connection / reception in the UK
    I'm having trouble with achieving good connection with 3G in the UK, I live in a fairly large city (Leicester) but 3G is poor. Presumably if it is a software problem and not a service provider problem (O2 here in the UK), there will be an improvement here too.


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    this may sound crazy but hear me out...

    I think my 3G is being tapped, well either being tapped or having problems with the signal. All I know is that one day I was talking to my gf and it just really sounded like I was on 3-way with someone else on the line. I jokingly mentioned to her that it sounded like my phone was currently being tapped, then IMMEDIATELY (literally half a second) after saying that I heard a loud static/clicking noise and then the reception became crystal clear! Either I'm right about my suspicion or that was a terrible coincidence. Since then, I've heard that noise a couple more times. In addition, sometimes I will hear my own voice echo back to me (I'd say something and immediately hear what I said through the ear speaker). Seriously, WTF is going on?!?!?

    Has ANYONE else had similar problems at all with their 3G???

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