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Thread: Apple Planning to Fix Reception

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    Quote Originally Posted by mkurasz View Post
    Cash have you or pf had any issues??
    yes I have had issues with 3g enabled. It isn't uncommon for "no service" to appear on my phone instead of status bars.

    Of course when 3g does work it flies

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    Damn thats a bummer!!! Hopefully a BB update can fix it. I bet its just flooding the network with ecc problems or retry's..

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    Quote Originally Posted by mkurasz View Post
    T4R06, you mean they are hogging the bandwidth with errors or retrys?? Not too familiar with wireless tech but I know networking... U know any details?
    you are right, ill post more detail later. i will going to ask my wife on what's goin on now with their network. im a little outdated on their network because i just resigned on at&t a month ago. im on t-mobile now. lol!

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    Imagine all these problems over like a duplex mismatch or packet size misconfiguration... lol mtu 3500 lol

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    Well, I get just as crappy 3G reception with my iPhone as I did with my v3xx, q9, htc.... so for me it just seems like crappy service on ATT's part.....

    Have you guys tested other 3G phone on the network in the same areas to compare?

    Quote Originally Posted by mkurasz View Post
    Imagine all these problems over like a duplex mismatch or packet size misconfiguration... lol mtu 3500 lol
    3500 MTU on a cell phone??? That would just be a little odd even for apple to do.
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    May be nothing big, but i ran field test mode on 3g and everything comes up Unknown but on edge i get all the info... HMM seems kinda odd...

    -71 dBi on 3g... Not too shabby...


    I got some info to load when i reboot but still lacks alot of info.
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    DTRocker, you paid $200 up front BUT count how much you paid to wireless service provider cuz he paid the rest from ~$600... It's no cheap at all like you think...

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    I hope this happens soon. Lots of money for my phone to say no service.

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    I live a little over a mile northwest of downtown Chicago, and much like Cash, AT&T thinks I should have wonderful coverage in my area. I've never had above one bar of 3G.

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    Sorry to be a party pooper but I get full bars of 3G all day everyday. Melbourne, FL Except for when I'm in my bombshelter I call an office. LOL
    Dirty as I wanna be!

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    Quote Originally Posted by viperstarpoint9 View Post
    On the AT&T site blue is actually 3G coverage so Downtown Denver is verry well covered.
    LOL! thats true. its all up in that mo'.

    as for amarillo, tx, we have yet to get 3G, so i havent even tried my phone on 3G. but on edge, i get 5 bars almost everywhere i go.

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    I hope it gets resolved because with other 3g phones ive had i had perfect 3g service at home, but with my iphone it goes to no service, but if i switch it to edge it works fine. But imagine if its a hardware recall!!! crazy!

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    well yeah I had the same problem with the new iPhone not getting any 3g around the area that im on and I did call att and they told to hold on like usual waited 1hr or so switching me to diff people. Well in the end i did get help and i told them that my 3g wasnt working at all and it was pretty bad i had no reception and i did travel like 3 big citys one of them bein Houston, TX and had no 3g available.

    after all that they told me to shut my iphone off and they did and update on the phone after that I told them if itunes restore or updates will change anything they told me no. apple does appli and etc does not have to do anything with this. its all att and they did an update

    anyways now i have my iphone 3g all the time on and i barely get on Edge at all now only if i turn it off :P well yeah call them up and tell them that you dont get any 3g in ur area and they should fix it and update it right away hope this helps....

    p.s. stuck at verizon payinb an overdue bill from 3 months ago lol they dont stop bothering me anyways gl to ya and hope att /apple fixes this issue on all iphones.

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    Not AT&T's fault. Apple plays a big part as well. HELLO, they were the makers who made the phone.

    Hawaii has no problem here with reception.
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    no problemo for me but I am in NYC and Jersey and get 3G almost all the time.

    iOS 4.0 3Gs 32GB on the lamb
    Still has nice things on it, pictures too

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    got an iphone from rogers in canada and so far so good. have had no drop calls yet but the signal bars do go down and up a lot. an update would not hurt at all but only if i dont have to restore and jailbreak my phone again since it is pain in the ... you know what i mean.

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    YES! Thank you God this is happenin' to Apple! Apple and AT&T are two greedy faggots! I pray that it is an hardware problem so they have to replace the 3 milli 3G iPhones sold! Apple should have continue sellin' the first gen iPhones and just released another version worth upgradin' to! A front camera, higher resolution, a better GPS, A2DP Bluetooth, copy and paste, mms, video record, flash, and 32/64GB models! I got my mind made up, I'm stickin' to my first gen! Class Action Suit?

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    i really hope they fix this because i am tired of no to 2 bars
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    I have had many failed calls...just out of the blue the call would drop...

    so i guess if this is a firmware fix then we have to go through the jailbreak process again and have to wait for winpwn again?? UGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!

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    ha well my signal has been great, it drops off everyonce in a while but it comes back, also i get 3g in places that arent on the 3g map, very close maybey a mile or two from the cutoff but still, mines golden

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