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Thread: Affordable iPhone 3g SIM Unlock

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    Quote Originally Posted by izim1 View Post
    LOL what?
    No it won't. While muggz5 seems like an ***, he's right. The iPhone 3g WONT work with t-mo USAs 3g network. For one thing, 2100 is just a rounded out number. They're not all the same frequency. And even if they were, you'd still need the 1700 band to connect to t-mo's 3g towers. Which the iPhone doesn't have. See, it's not one or the other. It's both bands together. So basically it's like he said. You just bought a 3g iPhone just for the prettier casing. You might as well gone, and sticked with, the first gen iPhone....

    and BTW: $299 for a contract free iPhone? Nope. I don't think so. You either payed all your fees which brought it to around $600 or you went ahead and ruinned your credit by just not honoring your contract that you had to sign with AT&T to get it for that price. Nice.

    Ps. For future references: they hire any jacka$$ of legal working age for CS. Don't believe everything the zit covered teen on his summerjob, answering phones or working behind the counter at your local mall t-mo kiosk, says.
    I Spoke to a T-Mobile Rep. Sir, But Hey If It Don't Work I Really Wouldn't Care Cause I'm Surrounded By Free WiFi Not To Mention That The 3G iPhone Is A Lot Better That The First Gen. iPhone + I Have Both & I Guess We'll Have To Wait To See Sometime In Oct. ...... Also I Paid $324 & Never Even Ran Credit Or Owned An AT&T Phone. Let's Just Say I Got People (H&R Block Slogan....LOL).
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    After waiting 9 days, I finally got mines. I can confirm it works ! Have no problems here at all. So nice to finally be able to use my iPhone 3G

    USA- Tmobile to have the T-Zones feature added.

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    Smile Share you happyness
    I am happy you are using your iphone 3g as you wanted...for me i have 12 days using ismartsim been stable but THERE IS NO WAY to get from him EDGE...will keep trying...been reading a lot..and trying and testing with no results,,,,but i know i will,,,
    Take care and ENJOY your iphone

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    There is cheaper for the same sim cards for $16 with 30 days money back guarentee.

    Well i bought it there and it worked perfectly for me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rip View Post
    I've got one. I just don't have a 3G iphone to try it in!
    lol what made you get one then ?

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    Talking Affordable Unlock Sim Iphone 3G for 16 bucks!!
    Why does apple lock their phones for specific Telecom providers?
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    Quote Originally Posted by merismus View Post
    Why does apple lock their phones for specific Telecom providers?
    For money !!! lol

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    i use hypersim and it works GREAT. no spam here. just tellin the facts. also, no matter what u use for the sim unlock, jailbreak the phone and go into cydia and get the tmobile tzones hack and carrier bundle. internet works great!

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    Default Sorry But there is acctually Cheaper than this!!
    I posted here a few wekks ago in regards to this shop Zulua E-Store they have this Unlock sim for $15.99 including shipping worldwide also they have a 30 Day Money Back policy. I bought mine there and its working perfectly it also works with the firmware 2.1!

    Thats what i can confirm, Just think that the more we can save the better for all of us

    Quote Originally Posted by Emjei View Post
    For money !!! lol
    hehehe right for money
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    Quote Originally Posted by bamgates View Post
    I bought the i-smartphone 2008 from brando's website for $20.50 + $3.00 shipping & it took like 11 Days for me to get it, but it worked except for edge............... I google arround and found nothing. So I played around with with the settings and I discovered a fix.

    First make sure the sim adapter is installed properly. Once you have done that disable the 3G and let the phone recognize the sim card with the adapter installed as soon as you see the carrier name appear go to settings/general/reset and rest the network setting. You will now see the Edge symbol.

    That's All You Have To Do!
    I Have T-Mobile USA ( sure you check your APN settings
    Note: I noticed that after reseting the network settings the sim adapter turned off the 3G automatically, forced selected T-Mobile as my carrier and turned on data roaming.

    I noticed you have the Carrier Selection menu on your phone. Is it a U.S. iPhone? If so, did the sim adapter make it appear? I have been hounding Apple about making it show up for me for a month now to no avail. I want that option.

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    I'm going overseas for a month and I'm looking at using this on my iPhone 3G 2.2 that was activated by AT&T and Jailbroken. You think it won't mess up my AT&T service when I come back to the US? I'm only gonna be using the unlock for a month so I won't have to bring an extra phone or buy another phone in the country I'll be going to.

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    Default edge just won't set
    I called tmo to make sure unlimited internet was setup, but the brando chip will only do voice.

    edge settings just won't take. No edge icon.

    edge seems fine with my att sim.


    do not pull up edge icon.

    I even reflashed back to 2.2 without jailbreak. No dice.

    not sure what to do to get edge working.

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